Free Newborn Hat Pattern

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Free Newborn Hat Pattern –

This newborn hat pattern was designed using my handspun yarn.  It was knit from superwash merino dyed in my Gum Drops colorway and spun to the three gauges I offer for purchase on my website.  The ribbing was knit using my yarn spun thin.  The bumpy few rows (purl stitches) was knit using my yarn spun bulky. And the body of the beanie was knit from my yarn spun medium.  For the sake of this project I spun 6 oz. and will make 2-3 newborn hats from this yarn in different combinations.   Each 2 oz. was spun to bulky, medium and thin.

This is the basic hat pattern for my Mishmash hats.  You can change your needle and yarn size at your discretion and create a truly unique little hat!  Or you can decrease the top and make just the little bean.

2 oz. each of ilashdesigns superwash handspun, bulky, medium and thin.

US knitting needle sizes – 10.5, 15 and 11 – circulars

Using size 10.5 knitting needles and my thin spun yarn cable cast on 41. Join by slipping the last cast on stitch onto the needle up next to the first cast on stitch and knit 2tog. (40 sts)

Knit a 3×1 ribbing, (3 knit stitches and 1 purl stitch) for 5 rows.

Change to knitting needle size 15’s and use the bulky yarn to knit one round.

P5, p 2tog, p6, p 2tog, p5, p 2tog, p6, p2tog, p5, p2tog, p4, p2tog, p1 (36 sts)

P 1 round.

Change to knitting needle size 11 and my medium spun yarn.

Knit 6 rounds.

start the decrease rounds.

k6, k2 tog, k6, k 2 tog, k6, k 2tog, k6, k 2tog, k 4 (32 sts)

k 1 round.

k4, k 2tog, k4, k 2 tog, k8, k 2tog, k4, k 2tog, k 4 (28 sts)

knit 1 round.

k6, k 2tog, k12, k 2tog, k6, (26 sts)

knit 1 round.

k3, k 2tog, k3 k 2tog, k6, k 2 tog, k3, k 2tog, k3 (22 sts)

knit 1 round.

k1, k 2tog, repeat to the end of the round (15 sts)

knit 1 round.

k 2 tog around, knit last stitch (8 sts)

k2 tog around. (4 sts)

Adjust the last stitches to make as small as possible, cut yarn and thread through a yarn needle and through the last 4 stitches. Gather and pull thread through to the inside of the hat.

Weave in all ends. Make a tassel or a pom and attach to the top.

All rights to this pattern are reserved and please do not reproduce or copy this pattern for resale without my permission, for commercial or any other use. Please give me credit when you have the opportunity too and most of all – have fun and feel free to sell as many of these hats as you can make!


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Very cute 🙂

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