Wool Roses

My Next Wool Rose Affair

So my next shop promotion will include 10 of my handmade wool roses! Because I am in the mood for spring!  Soooo in the mood for spring!  Would like to give a big shout out to spring!  Hellloooooo spring!  Welcome!

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I have included the free pattern, for the wool roses exclusively, in my handspun yarn kits!  Stop by my Etsy shop to see if there is one available!

handspun yarn, yarn kit, handspun kit, ribbon kit, wool rose pattern, embellishment kit, silk ribbons, handdyed wool, hand dyed silk,Or you can place a custom order for them already assembled  in my ilashkisses Etsy shop! 🙂

woolroses1Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you are enjoying spring where you are!  I know we are looking forward to it here! xxoo Ny.


Wool Roses – Stopping in to add my latest wool roses…:)

wool roses, wool flowers, orange roses, pink roses, textile art, art to wear,

Wool Roses – Oh how I twist thee.  My new wool roses are fun embellishments that whisper “one of a kind” followed by “you don’t even know how special I am!”.  I guess since I’m going to be making more of these I better make them a special place.  I hope you enjoy seeing them!

wool roses, wool flowers, handmade wool embellishments, photography prop

a few wool roses..

and a few more wool roses…

wool rose, wool flower, newborn photography prop, handmade wool flower

and another wool rose…

newborn halo headband, wool rose headband, photography prop, fiber art

and a wool rose newborn halo headband…

mohair wool rose, fiber flower, photography prop

so if you are wondering what I’m up to now?  You might guess…:)  Thanks for looking!  Thanks for stopping by!  Please make any online purchases from my website and help me keep my small business costs down.  I hope you have a rosy day! 🙂


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