Handspun Art Yarn

Dropping in to show you my handspun art yarn creations from the art yarn skein from last week.  This was a lot of fun! 🙂

handspun art yarn, orange yarn, pink  yarn, thread ply yarn, newborn photo prop

The 34 yard skein of handspun art yarn was used to create the two bonnets and tassel top hat. A little can go a long way! 🙂

The completed hats are part of my Penny Pitch Promo I am hosting this week.  Here are the Penny Pitch Promo rules – this is not a free give away.  To play this game you must agree to pay $0.01.  When the promo ends I will send you a paypal invoice for $.0.01 that you must pay.  First comment here on this post which hat or bonnet is your favorite, then head on over to my facebook post and  comment in that thread that you agree and understand the rules and then you must share the photo on facebook.  A random winner will be selected that has completed all requests.  The winner will receive the bonnet or hat that they state is their favorite.   My Penny Pitch Promo will run from now until Saturday, Feb. 2, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. mst.  Thank you all for playing! Good luck!

Please leave your comment for this promo on the front page of this blog.

Thank you!


Handspun thick and thin yarn

handspun thick and thin yarn, red pink yarn, valentines day yarn, art yarn, wool yarn

xxoo Happy Valentine’s Day!

Update: 4/4/11

More new photos of  handspun yarn from the past week  – thick and thin and fun!  Facebook followers found some great bundle deals too!  Don’t forget to like my page because you don’t want to miss out on those! –

handspun thick and thin yarn, doll hair, handspun merino wool, art yarn,

Fairy Tail – 3 oz – very bulky 2-5 wpi

handspun thick and thin yarn, doll hair, crochet, knitting, handspun merino wool, art yarn

Lemon Grass

handspun thick and thin art yarn, knitting, crochet, handspun merino wool, slub yarn, baby hats

Handspun Thick and Thin Art Yarn

I hope you have a terrific day! 🙂

Update: 3/31/11

New photos of handspun yarn from this week – all thick and thin and my flaming art.  You can find my yarn here –

handspun thick and thin yarn, art yarn, bulky yarn, slub yarn, cocoon yarn,

Superwash Merino – Surfer Girl

handspun thick and thin yarn, handspun art yarn, blue and white yarn

Ticking – Superwash Merino

Have fun this April Fools Day!  Try to remind someone of the lunch they owe you at least! 🙂

Update: 3/25/11

More handspun thick and thin art yarn eye candy for you! Thanks for stopping by!

handspun thick and thin art yarn, bulky yarn, handspun merino yarn, handspun wool, hand painted yarn

Tea Party

handspun thick and thin art yarn, bulky yarn, handspun merino wool, hand painted yarn

Peacock Chick

handspun thick and thin art yarn, bulky yarn, handspun wool, hand painted yarn


handspun thick and thin art yarn, bulky yarn, hand painted yarn

Frosty Feet

Update: 12/13/10

This handspun yarn happened while I was cleaning up some left over dyes –

handspun yarn, art yarn, thick and thin handspun, superwash merino, pastel colors

Fairy Tail – superwash merino 50+ yds

And these are some yarns I made last week:

handspun art yarn, 2 ply yarn, novelty yarn,

Tea Party – Twisted

handspun yarn, handspun art yarn, thick and thin yarn, pastel colors

Gumdrop – superwash merino

handspun yarn, thick and thin wool yarn, art yarn, pink, yellow, peach yarn

Little Miss Sunshine – superwash merino

Update : 5/22/10

This handspun was inspired by a Smore.  We found the biggest marshmallows in the world at the local grocery and nothing says “you really don’t have to go camping if you have an outdoor fire pit and can roast your own marshmallows” like a good old fashioned smore!

thick and thin handspun yarn, merino yarn, wool yarn, handspun yarn, novelty yarn, natural colored yarn, hush puppy

and then I also spun up some of this:

handspun yarn, cream and brown and black handspun yarn, wool yarn,

I will wake up with colorways in my  head in the morning again..this had me day dreaming.  Cheers! 🙂

This yarn was inspired by David Daniels and my new yarn friend, Cassandra.  I had fun dyeing some sock yarn for Cassandra and we have been visiting about spinning.  This ended up a 12 wpi…and was mighty scary at times!  I learned a ton again.  Second single I finally figured out my wheel a little better and got it moving along..still scary.  This was a few ounces I had of Holy Peacock Feather’s Batman colorway on merino to practice with.  I do love these colors!

handspun yarn, handspun merino, 2 ply yarn, wool yarn

Holy Peacock Feather’s Batman – 2 ply merino, 12 wpi

handspun yarn, handspun merino, 2 ply yarn, wool yarn

Off to my dye pots…this skinny spinning has to wait! aww!

This yarn was inspired after I gleaned David Daniel’s work at The Weaving Studio.  What an awesome fiber master he is.  This hank of wonderful was a free addition from a fiber order that had a nice creamy run of long mohair in it for me to practice my skinny singles.  One of David’s yarns was a 2 ply – 16 wpi and awww soo gorgeous. I went for it and ended up with a 2 ply at 13 wpi.

handspun yarn, merino alpaca mohair, natural colors,

handspun yarn, alpaca merino mohair,  2 ply 13wpi

handspun yarn, alpaca merino mohair, 2 ply 13wpi

I messed around long enough with my camera settings to get these two completely different shots, then I ran out of light for the day,  for the skein shots. I’ll try to take one of it soon.  I think it’s pretty balanced.  The alpaca/merino/mohair wool is a bit scratchy and I wouldn’t want to wear it next to my neck or face, but would be great for trim on/ in felting projects.  I keep having visions of felted purses lately.  It will go live in my stash for just the right project.  Thanks David Daniels, I think you rock!

handspun yarn, handspun wool yarn, thick and thin yarn, holy peacock feathers

Handspun Yarn – Holy Peacock Feather’s Batman

handspun yarn, handspun wool yarn, thick and thin, surfer girl yarn

Handspun Yarn – Surfer Girl – BFL Thick and Thin

handspun yarn, mohair silk single - 16-18 wpi

mohair silk, 50/50 single, 16-18 wpi

Here’s quick pics showing samples of the different yardage I got, each using 2 ounces of wool.  The skinny spun single is very pretty all by itself too!

merino handspun, merino single, merino roving, peacock colorway
Merino single – 18 wpi, lace weight
merino handspun, thick and thin yarn, spin samples
Thick and thin merino single, 58 yds, 5-7 wpi – 2 oz. and 2 ply, 70 yds, 9 wpi – 2 oz.

23 Responses to "Handspun Art Yarn"

These are simply amazing!

Kara – you won the first set of wool flowers! Thank you so much for playing! Please send you paypal email addy to: THANK YOU!

Wow! Those are amazing!

Thank you so much for playing Melissa! You’ve won the second set of wool flowers! Please send your paypal email here
THANK YOU again! 🙂

You have the loveliest selection!

Megan, you’ve won the third and final set of wool flowers! Thank you so much for playing! Please send your paypal email addy here
Thank you again and I hope you all have a terrific day! 🙂

I absolutely adore your yarns!!!

Thank you Terri! 🙂

Not sure where I am suppose to post, but love your yarn . . .

Thank you so much Pat! 🙂

Congratulations to all winners. I am a bit confused tho, as when I posted there were no other posts.

it’s because I had to approve them first…so they were in an ordered list by time submitted for me to approve. I approved them in that order. Thanks Pat!

Thank you for the explanation, as it really had me perplexed. Hopefully, I’ll be faster at the draw next time 🙂 Have a great day.

It knocked my socks off how quick they came in! You are welcome! Thank you for everything! I hope you have a great day as well! 🙂

I love Ilash Designs yarns! They are so pleasing to the eye and speak for themsleves. Your work is simply amazing!!!

Thank you Kristi! 🙂

You do beautiful work, I just love your stuff!

You thick and thin Tea Party is my absolute favorite!

Thank you Mande! 🙂

Gorgeous as always!! I need some twisted tea party!

Thank you Amanda! 🙂

Beautiful yarn ! Not only was I excited to open my package in the mail but I was extra surprised by the kind handwritten note from the seller/creator:) I also loved that a piece of fabric sheet was tucked in my yarn! It smelled wonderful! Thanks again!

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