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You’ll be happy about this handspun yarn sale!  Perfect for soft and smooshy spring newborn gear!  I’m running this special thru the month of April. 🙂 You can find it in my ilashdesigns shop here.

Or by clicking on the photo.

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Thanks for stopping in and checking out my handspun yarn!  Be sure and check out my facebook page for more fun things going on.  I’ve been having regular give aways..patterns and wool roses….you never know what I’ll be celebrating over there next!  I hope you are enjoying spring!

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The sun was shining here, just like it was really trying to be spring!  The temps are warming slowly, and the mating pair of robins in our front yarn yard, are back!  I do think spring is really coming if we are all lucky!  So to celebrate I am hosting another handspun yarn give away on my facebook page.  You do pay for the shipping but I’ll throw in the skein for free! The yarn is a fun colored superwash merino wool with some soft sweet lavender and peach and ivory just in time for spring.  I’m also including the wool roses in this one!  Don’t forget to stop by and check out the handspun yarn kits I listed in my Etsy shop today too!  I hope you are enjoying some other kind of weather besides snow and getting to watch  your favorite spring birds arrive too!  🙂

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Handspun Yarn

Just dropping in to give you a handspun yarn kit update!  The fun continues!  The latest one I made from my Sugar Baby colorway on merino/tencel fiber – and if I do say so myself, the entire kit is exquisite!  I’ve added some fabric for some leaves and color coordinated novelty yarns.  Someone asked me the other day if I thought these would be appropriate for beginner’s.  And I would say yes, if you  know your pattern and are past the point of having to rip out your stitches to correct too many mistakes.  And yes because a beginner can purchase the kit and use it when they gain confidence in their work.  Maybe by Tuesday?  (depends on the dedication and ability to practice).   I think it’s perfectly fine to have inspiration around you!  The beauty of the kit and it’s possibilities are a great motivation!  And there are so many project  possibilities!  I am anxious to get to see the pics from people that are working them up.   However they choose to play with them!   Make a gorgeous one of a kind cowl!  Make a one of a kind  scarf!  It’s the perfect project bundle to get you thru some of this fierce winter weather we are all getting to enjoy!  The kits would also make a sweet gift for the fiber person in your circle!

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The handspun  yarn kits  can be made in any of my established colorways and on all my different fibers!  Let me know how I can customize a handspun yarn kit for you.  I’d love to make you one!

You know I love my facebook.  And I do use my business page to keep folks up to date on what’s currently going on in my yarn studio.  I’d love to see you there!

Check back soon and check back often!  You never know what I’ll be offering next!   Or chat me up for your custom kit today! 🙂   Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


The winner of the ilashdesigns wonky ball give away (but you have to pay shipping) is: Darlene P.  🙂  Darlene P. please message me with your paypal address for your shipping invoice, or another winner will be randomly chosen.   Thanks to everyone for playing!


I’ve been having a ton of fun creating handspun yarn kits!  Check out these sweet bundles of fun!!!! So many possibilities!  Make a gorgeous one of a kind cowl!  Make a sweet unique scarf!  Or baby bonnets galore!  It’s the perfect project bundle to get you thru some of this fierce winter weather we are all getting to enjoy!  Or this would make a sweet gift for the fiber person in your circle!  The silks in these kits can be cut in half to double your fun!  I’ve even cut them lengthwise and gotten a few skinny ones to add to the charm!  I’ve included my wool roving flower pattern in these kits…so you can be building all the flowers your little hands can make!

These are so much fun!  These can be made in any of my established colorways and on all my different fibers!  Let me know how I could customize a kit for you.  I’d love to make you one!

All the ready to ship kits are in my Etsy shop –


This Fairy Tail kit is listed in my Etsy shop here

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and this Chocolate Raspberry kit is listed in my Etsy shop here

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I’ll be adding more as soon as I can!  Check back soon!  Or chat me up for your custom kit! 🙂   Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

My wool cowl and/or headband is crochet from a handspun triple plied yarn.  The fun squishy loft of this yarn makes this piece a winner, even with your eyes closed.  But open! open!! OPEN your eyes!!  Because the autumn colors turned out amazing!  I’m so thrilled with the yarn!  My limited crochet skills are mostly hidden.  WHAT a BONUS!  And so truly…this is a beginner crochet piece.

The dyed buttons were fun.  I had to kiss a few frogs to find the right button size. The little ones are from my parent’s apple trees. The centers didn’t want to dye. There was no fixing they are match the yarn eh? I got all nostalgic thinking my dad could have told me the hard luck stories of the first years of those little twiggy apple trees. They grew fine apples eventually..and they were so proud..”those are Transparents!!” Mom made yummy apple everything! The frogs are from Ash trees – they turned out great, too large, but great! They are some special buttons to me.  My dad passed away a few years ago.  My mom sold their place and moved to town.  The apple trees were just a few on their multiple acre park, they called their yard.  It was filled with special trees, bushes, ponds, rock gardens they had built over almost 30 years, where once was pasture.  I about cried the day this box of wooden buttons arrived.  Yep, pretty special!

This cowl/headband is ready to ship and can be found in my ilashkisses shop on Etsy.  Clicking on the photo will magically take you there! 😉

wool cowl, handspun cowl, crochet cowl, wooden buttons, fall color yarn

Wool Cowl


wool cowl, crochet cowl, handspun yarn, autumn colors, wooden buttons

Wool Cowl

I’ve been exercising my instant download skills on Etsy, what a thrill! (look out for doing too much of that!)  and it seems they are telling me beginner?  in the descriptions but…it’s all over my head still. FP EX F? really?   Good thing I can go in and download until the end of time.  That’s a nice feature I may have to consider somehow including that little treasure in my will.  “Winky, your grandma left you..all of her handwork patterns on Etsy – as long as the account stays active”.   Really?   I’m sure they’ll be scrambling to find “that thumb drive with all G.G.’s top secret password and id info” on it right away!  (note to self – make a duplicate!)  Yep, pretty sure of that.  hint:  The thumb is probably in among the scrap scribbly and coffee stained  papers and napkins I call my “patterns”,  not to far away from my yarn stash.   You know the place!   🙂

This handspun thick and thin yarn has become a popular colorway lately – Shady Creek.  I also had a lot of fun dyeing up a coordinating,  gorgeous 4 ply, worsted weight wool yarn from Ashland Bay.

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I had fun dyeing this set for some customers.

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I’m looking forward to dyeing more colors of worsted weight yarn soon too!

Thanks for stopping by!

website –

I just listed a new Handspun Yarn Gift Certificate listing..both on my website and in my Etsy shop!  Just in time for the holidays!  This is the perfect gift for the yarn or fiber lover in your life! Giving a gift certificate is simple for you and yet so very special for every recipient! Giving an ilashdesigns gift certificate is the perfect way to celebrate their love of their craft that they won’t soon forget!

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Perfect gift for the handspun yarn or fiber lover in your life!

Here’s a link to my website –

You can choose any amount from $15-$100!  Have fun and happy shopping!

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