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Spinning lock yarn is so fun!  There are so many different ways to spin lock yarn.  You can start with a base of wool and add the locks to that as you go.  Or you can only spin locks and/or add other spin in materials as well.  If the goal was for us all to spin a lock yarn..I think they would all be different and beautiful.  Creating unique beauty is so soothing to my soul.  I wish that on everyone! Here’s a few pics of some of my latest lock dyeing adventures. 🙂

These are English Leicester locks from Namaste Farms 🙂

wool locks, handspun locks, lock yarn, art yarn, hand dyed wool locks,


wool locks, dyed locks, spinning locks, wool lock bundle, handspun yarn


wool locks, handspinning locks, lock yarn, lamb locks





I am enjoying making bamboo yarn so much!  I know it’s completely out of season …and I’m just rocking it.  I will be dyeing and listing more lux mix fibers this week too – because they are more in season right?  handspun bamboo yarn, hand painted bamboo fiber,

handspun yarn, handspun lux fibers, hand painted yarn,

handspun bamboo yarn

Thanks for stopping in!  I hope you all have a fantastic week!





If you follow me on my Facebook business page you will see that I am using a fun application that chooses and announces a “Fan of the Week”.  This program tracks contributions to my business page made by my fans.  The algorithm used to select a weekly winner includes the number of postings and likes made by a fan. Then,  each week the “Fan of the Week” is selected by them and they post the winner on my business page.  I am going to have some fun with this and extend it out to include a Fan of the Month and a Fan of the Year winner.  Each month a winner will be chosen via from the pool of  Fan of the Week winners.  The monthly Fan of the Week winner will receive a free skein of handspun yarn from my shop.   Then I’ll pool all of the Fan of the Month folks and select a winner again via, for  a Fan of the Year!  The winner of the Fan of the Year group will win a 3 skein bundle  of handspun yarn from my  shop.   This just sounds like too much fun!

All of the winners will be tracked here and announced here as well as my Facebook business page.   So rush on over there, get to posting and liking and I hope you win!  Thank you for patronizing my business page AND thank you for playing along!  I hope you have fun!

handspun yarn

Week 1 –

Nov. 2, 2011

Melissa Dawkins

Week 2 –

Nov. 9, 2011

Jessica Libman

Week 3 –

Nov. 16, 2011

Lexi Suby

Week 4 –

Nov. 23, 2011

Saskia Stallings

These folks were chosen each as a fan of the week, but I sometimes have no way of locating them.  Please contact me with your mailing addy at  and I will send you your free skein!  I will also attempt to locate people via my facebook  page. can let me know here by leaving a message.  All message here are pre-approved by me and I won’t publish your mailing address.  Thank you to everyone for visiting and following me on my facebook page!  Stay tuned winners will be announced in the next few days! 🙂

handspun yarn, bamboo yarn, yarn contest, knit stitch, free handspun yarn,

100% handspun bamboo fiber, hand dyed

I started a NEW!!! and FUN!!!! handspun yarn contest – Click on the photo of my handspun yarn  to be transported to my facebook business page and find out the details of my “guess my knit stitch” contest!  The post is an ongoing comment game started on 9/7 and will continue until the knit stitch is guessed – be sure to scroll down to find the starting post and read the knit stitches that have already been guessed.  Have fun!  I hope you win! 🙂

The handspun yarn in this photo is the handspun yarn being used in the making of my new scarf.  🙂


We have a winner!  The winner guessed the bamboo stitch!  Thanks to everyone for playing along!  I had too much fun with this one!  Happy knitting! 🙂

100% handspun and hand dyed bamboo fiber - bamboo knit stitch with garter border

Here’s the details and the simple pattern I made up for this scarf –

The yarn is my handspun bamboo fiber, spun as as single, a little over 2 oz., at an avg. 10 wpi, yield – 140ish yds
size 7 knitting needle (I use metal with this yarn, as I like my stitches to slide easily, some woods may be great, I don’t have any great woods) (yet).

Bamboo Scarf – bamboo stitch
The first and last three stitches on each row is a simple garter border – knit every beg 3 and last 3 sts on every row.
CO 24
Ends –
knit 4 rows

row 1 – k3, (yo, k2,pass the yo over both knit sts) k3
row 2 – k3, purl, k3
Repeat those two rows for as long as you want or are able!
to end
knit 4 rows

The sts in () is the bamboo stitch and is calculated with a multiple of 2 – so add or subtract to make it as wide as you wish. This scarf is about 4 in wide. I don’t think it will get as long as I would like and I would plan to use more toward 3 oz. and 180 – 200 yards of yarn next time, for this pattern.

Happy Knittin! 🙂

hand dyed wool, superwash wool, spinning wool, hand painted wool, handspun yarn

Wild Flowers - superwash merino

My fiberlicous week in review – the wool is drying quickly in these warmer, breezier days.  I loved every sunny morning in July – they were delicious – especially for my early morning photography.  The sun is already changing and I’m having to wait longer in the day to get the best day light already…fall is coming..  yay! This of course is when I would “start” some summer knitting..latest on my needles is a beginner lace scarf from a free pattern, details to follow.   I’m loving this pattern as it only calls for about 100 yards! Yay! 🙂   I’ve received a couple of orders for roving and am going to try and make listings for roving in my shop soon.  A couple of new colorways found their way into the world this past week.  Wild flowers made it’s debut yesterday and is a soft, summery collection of colors.  More options could happen with this palette and will be fun to dream about! (I already see some silk sometime!).

Roving fun:

Orange Snow - superwash merino


Peacock Chick - superwash merino

Pinks - superwash merino


Pumpkin Patch - BFL Wool

handspun art yarn, handspun wool, hand painted wool

Handspun Art Yarn - Fairy Tail


handspun art yarn, angora yarn,

Lil Sluggerette Art Yarn - hand mixed - merino, silk, angora

Handspun/hand dyed bamboo - Awesome Easy Leaves Scarf - Click the photo to be transported to another site and the free easy pattern!

If you want to check out some of the most beautiful shawl patterns I’ve ever seen..check out  Heirloom-Knitting.  I spent some time dreaming about where I could wear this, yes really.  You know, like the red carpet or my private jet, places like that!  omgooodness! I hope you have a week filled with yummy fiber inspirations! 🙂


Quick update regarding some superwash fun I had last week when I dug out my black dye and dyed this roving.  When it was done I felt I didn’t leave enough white space and the pink wasn’t bright enough.

hand dyed wool roving, superwash wool roving, hand dyed fiber, handspun  yarn

Chico Chick - not so much white

I spun a pretty straight single from this wool and set a course to practice some stitches I had recently seen used in an aran blanket.  I thought I could use it as a scarf but there is a right and a wrong side.  But I had fun calculating stitches and (although I’m sure it has been done before, somewhere by someone)..created my own pattern.  Albeit probably not an original pattern, but irregardless MY creation.  It’s simply a modified cable, diamond and cable stitch.   It’s going to get ripped out because I don’t need any more pot holders or table runners and I will go back to the drawing board (someday) and find some reversible stitches to play with for this yarn.  I do like how the Smokey Chico Chick colors worked up, even without so much white and a toned down pink.  I think I like it even better than the original Chico Chick..shhh don’t tell her! 🙂

Just posting some pics and places I’ve visited and enjoyed recently.  Have a great day!

handspun thick and thin yarn, handspun art yarn, handspun wool, slub yarn

just the normal noises in here...

handspun art yarn, handspun wool, hand dyed  yarn, slub yarn, thick and thin yarn

Woodland Faerie - BFL wool

wool roving, spinning wool, hand dyed wool, fall color yarn,

played in the pumpkin patch a little...

this inspired me to..

spindle spinning, handspun spindle, wooden spindle, wool spindle, handspun yarn

offer a spindle kit on my website again..

handspun yarn, hand dyed yarn, thick and thin yarn, hand dyed sock yarn, bamboo yarn,

...made a package of love for a dear friend

handspun thick and thin yarn, pink and green yarn, superwash yarn, slub yarn, handspun wool

made some Gumdrops

baby video, happy baby,

made and posted a little angel baby video (click on the photo to be magically transported to view the sweet video)

bfl roving, hand dyed roving, spinning roving

dyed and sold some roving this first sale of roving for a very, very long time. I miss it! If you need any roving, please just let me know! 🙂

had a little yarn helper for a minute..:)

handspun baby blanket, photography prop baby blanket, thick and thin handspun,

...started another blanket

I’ve spent what few spare computer moments I have cruising around on the Knitting Paradise forum  .  It’s a great place to get inspired and learn even MORE about knitting.  Here’s an awesome thread with great links where I was inspired to learn about  Gansey sweaters.

And somehow I found this free knit pattern for Mary Jane booties  for baby I’d like to try sometime –

Maybe they will inspire you too! Happy creating!

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