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You’ll be happy about this handspun yarn sale!  Perfect for soft and smooshy spring newborn gear!  I’m running this special thru the month of April. 🙂 You can find it in my ilashdesigns shop here.

Or by clicking on the photo.

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Thanks for stopping in and checking out my handspun yarn!  Be sure and check out my facebook page for more fun things going on.  I’ve been having regular give aways..patterns and wool roses….you never know what I’ll be celebrating over there next!  I hope you are enjoying spring!

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The sun was shining here, just like it was really trying to be spring!  The temps are warming slowly, and the mating pair of robins in our front yarn yard, are back!  I do think spring is really coming if we are all lucky!  So to celebrate I am hosting another handspun yarn give away on my facebook page.  You do pay for the shipping but I’ll throw in the skein for free! The yarn is a fun colored superwash merino wool with some soft sweet lavender and peach and ivory just in time for spring.  I’m also including the wool roses in this one!  Don’t forget to stop by and check out the handspun yarn kits I listed in my Etsy shop today too!  I hope you are enjoying some other kind of weather besides snow and getting to watch  your favorite spring birds arrive too!  🙂

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Handspun Yarn

July 1, 2010

Handspun yarn and projects update!  It’s been a fun month, full of good learning for me!  I hope you enjoy the pics!  Questions and/or inquiries are always welcome!

handspun from my cowboy joe batts, merino and silk, 2 ply with cotton crochet thread

Handspun Yarn - Cowboy Joe - 2 ply

handspun yarn, handspun bfl, doll hair, waldorf doll hair, chocolate brown wool

BFL - Browns

handspun yarn, chocolate brown yarn, bfl handspun, baby hat in chocolate brown

Handspun Yarn - Espresso

hand knit baby hat and diaper cover, brown baby set, hand knit bfl baby hat and diaper cover

Espresso Baby Set

handknit baby hat and diaper cover, pink baby hat, pink diaper cover, newborn baby set

Hand Knit Baby Hat and Diaper Cover - Shabby Chic

hand knit baby hat, thick and thin baby hat, graduated colors baby hat, one of a kind baby hat, newborn hat

BabyHat from thick and thin BFL yarn

handknit baby hat, photography prop, wool baby hat, one of a kind baby hat, wearable art

Hand Knit Baby Hat - proto

one of a kind baby set, hand knit baby hat, hand knit diaper cover, photography prop

This was roving I dyed and spun specific for this set.

Handspun BFL 2 ply, browns, tans and raspberry

Raspberry Truffles Yarn

hand knit baby hats, photography prop, one of a kind baby hats

Hand Knit Baby Hat Trio

photography prop baby hat, hand knit baby hat, wearable art, wool baby hat

Baby Hat in Merino/Cashmere - Fall Harvest colorway

handspun art yarn, purple green and black yarn, bulky yarn,

Handspun Art Yarn

Eggplant Elegance colorway and knit work up

handspun thick and thin yarn, pink and green yarn, superwash merino yarn

Handspun Thick and Thin Yarn - Sweetpea

handspun wool, baby hats, one of a kind, wearable art

Some ideas being worked out here

hand dyed merino roving, rainbow colored wool, handspun yarn, spinning supplies

I did a little Goofin Off - of course

handspun art yarn, 2 ply yarn, natural color  yarn, spinning supplies

Handspun Art Yarn - Hush Puppies in Oatmeal

handspun thick and thin yarn, orange pink and yellow bulky yarn, art yarn

Handspun thick and thin yarn - New colorway - Giggling Girlfriends

thick and thin handspun yarn, pastel colored yarn, art yarn

Peacock Chic - Tweaked colorway - Sold

More Giggling Girlfriends

alpaca mix yarn, brown baby hat and diaper cover set, hand knit baby hat, photography prop

Handknit Baby Hat and Diaper Cover Set - commercial alpaca mix yarn

Hand knit baby hat, acorn hat, photography prop, newborn hat

Hand Knit Acorn Hat - Merino Cashmere Yarn - Fall Harvest colorway and brown art yarn

handspun mohair, handspun silk, art yarn, baby wrap yarn

Handspun Mohair and Silk - this took forever

handspun yarn, spinning supplies, bright colors

Goofin Off - Spin sample

handspun yarn, spinning supplies, pastel colors, handspun wool

Handspun Spin Sample - Navajo Ply- 12 wpi

hand knit baby hat, rainbow colored baby hat, photography prop

Goofin Off Baby Hat from my spin sample

handknit baby hat, photography prop, newborn hat

Baby Hat - Peacock Chick - SuperFINE merino

handspun yarn, blue yarn, art yarn, spinning supplies

Handspun Yarn - Navajo Ply - 7 wpi

hair scrunchies, art yarn,

Goofin Off and Red Scrunchies

Whew!  I hope you enjoy the pics!  It was a fantastic month!  Thanks for clicking by! 🙂

May update:

Just updating my handspuns as of late.   Happy Spring’s a long time coming here. I think we’re going to just miss it.  We’ve  had a lot of days of what I deem are “5 degrees above winter”….and very wet, the yard was like a hay field.  Great grass for compost tho!

I have decided to put a lid on my fiber exuberance, and just stick with business as usual, here on my blog.    Phunny how a little exuberance can sometimes bring energies from out in left field flying straight toward your head.   It’s ok..because I like to work and I like to work real hard.

For those of you here to enjoy fiber, I love you, ..please excuse my mess, but enjoy none the less!

handspun oatmeal mix, bfl wool carded with alpaca, merino, bamboo

Hush Puppies in Oatmeal

handspun wool, merino/tencel fiber, 2 ply grey, black and pink

Handspun Merino/Tencel - 126 yds, 2 ply 13 wpi - worsted/sport 3.3 ounces

handspun merino/tencel, handspun tencel, pink handspun yarn, handspun yarn single

Handspun Merino Tencel -166 yards, single ply - mostly even, some thicker parts Hefty - 7.5 ounces 10 wpi - bulky/worsted weight

There’s a quick highlight..some more might have slipped through.  I will be working on browns this week in hopes of proving some Waldorf Doll hair..I’m pretty excited!!!!! Have a great week everyone! 🙂

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