Handspun Art Yarn

Posted on: 12/25/2012

Happy Handspun Art Yarn Holidays everyone AND Merry Christmas!    We were fortunate to get to spend fun times with family and friends this year!  We also took time to be grateful for our everyday blessings, as we have many!  I hope every one of you had a great holiday and lots of fun with your family and friends as well!  Here’s to a great 2012 and here’s hoping we ALL have a terrific 2013!

but/and  now back for some of our regularly scheduled programming…I’ve been having a little fun fiddling around with art yarn…

wool yarn, art yarn, handspun yarn, thick and thin yarn, one of a kind yarn,

Handspun Art Yarn Thick and Thin Style

art yarn, wool yarn, sparkle yarn, baby yarn

Handspun Art Yarn – Superwash Merino with silk, firestar and flash spin ins

handspun merino yarn, art yarn, wool yarn,

Handspun Art Yarn

purple art yarn, thick and thin art yarn, handspun wool,

Handspun Art Yarn – Superwash Merino with silk, firestar and flash spin ins, plied with 3 metallic threads

handspun thick and thin yarn, violet art yarn, silk art yarn, superwash merino

Handspun Art Yarn – Superwash Merino with silk and firestar and gold flash spin ins.

Thick and thin merino yarn, handspun wool, art yarn,

Handspun Merino Art Yarn- Palomino colorway

and I had a little fun making mohair crochet flowers…

mohair rose, crochet rose, mohair flower, crochet flower, brooch

Mohair with large pearl bead centers

I continue to have a lot of success on my facebook page!  Please stop in when  you can!  I’m having an end of the year Art Yarn and Junk Auction in the next few days!  There will be more than you see here – some fantastic beaded yarns will be on there too, and any other creations that need to find good homes.   Don’t miss your chance to get in on some (awesome) one of a kind  fiber fun!  Thanks for stopping by!


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