Handspun Art Yarn with a few locks

Posted on: 11/23/2011

I’ve been having a little fun creating this one of a kind, over the top, handspun art yarn.  Filled with silk fibers, mohair locks, little wool bits, more silk fibers and then a few more locks…it feels like fur.  It’s super bulky and reminds me a Wigibarnswaggle.  Wigibarnswaggles are soft and silky creatures, with warm and comforting personalities.  They like to snuggle your cheeks and tickle your toes.  But, mostly, they are good for just helping you chill out, relax and be reminded that it’s sometimes the most simple of things that win over your day!  🙂

handspun art yarn, grey naturals art yarn, mohair art yarn, thick yarn, bulky yarn, silk

Wigibarnswaggles indeed!

So excited to use some Wenslydale locks that I had in my stash..that are tri colored.  Rose grey at the base, graduating to browns and creams, a gorgeous lock that will be hard to locate again.

handspun art yarn, grey naturals art yarn, mohair art yarn, bulky yarn, thick yarn, baby hat

Wigi's like to be petted!

Perfect yarn for textured baby wraps or throws and a kajillion other projects you’d like to add some gorgeousness to.  Check out my website for fun and new art yarns being added every day!

Just dropping in to add a few more photos of lock yarn – enjoy!

mohair kid lock yarn, ice blue mohair yarn, art yarn, fiber art


mohair lock yarn, kid lock yarn, rainbow lock yarn

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