Win a Free Skein of Handspun Yarn!

Posted on: 09/08/2011

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100% handspun bamboo fiber, hand dyed

I started a NEW!!! and FUN!!!! handspun yarn contest – Click on the photo of my handspun yarn  to be transported to my facebook business page and find out the details of my “guess my knit stitch” contest!  The post is an ongoing comment game started on 9/7 and will continue until the knit stitch is guessed – be sure to scroll down to find the starting post and read the knit stitches that have already been guessed.  Have fun!  I hope you win! 🙂

The handspun yarn in this photo is the handspun yarn being used in the making of my new scarf.  🙂


We have a winner!  The winner guessed the bamboo stitch!  Thanks to everyone for playing along!  I had too much fun with this one!  Happy knitting! 🙂

100% handspun and hand dyed bamboo fiber - bamboo knit stitch with garter border

Here’s the details and the simple pattern I made up for this scarf –

The yarn is my handspun bamboo fiber, spun as as single, a little over 2 oz., at an avg. 10 wpi, yield – 140ish yds
size 7 knitting needle (I use metal with this yarn, as I like my stitches to slide easily, some woods may be great, I don’t have any great woods) (yet).

Bamboo Scarf – bamboo stitch
The first and last three stitches on each row is a simple garter border – knit every beg 3 and last 3 sts on every row.
CO 24
Ends –
knit 4 rows

row 1 – k3, (yo, k2,pass the yo over both knit sts) k3
row 2 – k3, purl, k3
Repeat those two rows for as long as you want or are able!
to end
knit 4 rows

The sts in () is the bamboo stitch and is calculated with a multiple of 2 – so add or subtract to make it as wide as you wish. This scarf is about 4 in wide. I don’t think it will get as long as I would like and I would plan to use more toward 3 oz. and 180 – 200 yards of yarn next time, for this pattern.

Happy Knittin! 🙂

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