Jazzing things up with a Baby Hat Give Away!

Posted on: 08/29/2011

A winner was selected and you can read about it below!  Thank you to everyone that participated! I appreciate you all! 🙂


Baby Hat Give Away time!!!!!

Time to start shaking things up a bit around here and what better way than to hold another contest?  These look like a lot of  fun!  I am working my way toward 1000 likers on Facebook and then we’ll really have a celebration!  I might have to break out some big yarn for that one!  And/but in the meantime here’s the details for this new contest –

I want to start off by saying ‘THANK YOU’ to all my Facebook likers and likers from all corners of the www! Thank you so much for your support, patience and encouragement! I am grateful for each one of you and especially to the fans that have stuck with me and my business.  I am so excited to be hosting my first official fan round up contest!  As many of you already know, I have knit up a few (ok several) boxes of baby hats to show my yarn “worked up”, and it’s time for them to fly away to new, loving, homes!   Here’s a pretty painless way to win your free ilashdesigns baby hat –

Contest details:
1st entry
1) You MUST like my Facebook business page, ‘ilashdesigns on Etsy‘.
2) Come back here, to my blog and comment below that you have liked my business page.

2nd entry
1) Share “Come Checkout the Baby Hat Give Away @ilashdesigns on Etsy” on either your own personal facebook page,  your Facebook business page, or your blog.  Only one will count, but you can share on all three.  (When sharing on Facebook, make sure to use the “@” symbol in front of my business page name, so my page is tagged).
2) Come back and comment below that you have shared my ilashdesigns Baby Hat Give Away with your friends and/or fans AND a link to where I can track your post.

The winner will be chosen via
Winner will be responsible for shipping fees if outside the U.S.A. or Canada

Give away will end Monday, September 5, 12 pm mst.

And now to find out what you win…

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Handspun Baby Hat with Handmade Squiggle Pom - newborn

This hat is a one of a kind creation.  It is made from soft, handspun merino, and the yarn in the pom was made especially to match this hat.  Anyone viewing this hat will know immediately, that it is a very special, one of a kind, hand made hat.   Yes, we’re going to go ahead and keep the baby, she’s not included in this give away.

Please join me in the fun!  Thank you all!



The winner of this baby hat contest was chosen from and it is: Emily Leeman Photography!  Congrats Emily!  Thank you so much for participating and following along!  I appreciate you!  I am looking forward to sending this off to you!


10 Responses to "Jazzing things up with a Baby Hat Give Away!"

Love your stuff, I’m a huge fan!! 🙂

I posted on my personal page 🙂

I already was a fan but I liked you from my business page as well!

I posted the link on my business page!/permalink.php?story_fbid=167245800019188&id=110199865723782

I hope I win! The 4th is my b-day 🙂

omg I was just looking at this hat earlier and I just adored it! Thanks for the chance! Done and Done!

I already ‘like’ you on Facebook.

I love your page on FB. Thank you for the chance to win!

Liked page 🙂

Check out my post in fb emilyruiz shared ur link 🙂

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