Simple Lace Scarf

Posted on: 08/12/2011

knit lace scarf, handspun yarn scarf,  hand dyed yarn scarf, bamboo yarn scarf, art to wear

Just wanted to share some pics of my latest finished project – handspun hand dyed bamboo yarn knit from this free pattern I found on the internet –

I enjoyed knitting this and look forward to more fun knitting simple lace patterns!  I dyed the fiber and spun the yarn many moons ago and it finally spoke to me from the bin.  That really does happen! Bamboo is yarn made for items that you want to drape.  There are no curls in bamboo to provide it as much stretch as wool and absolutely no memory.  So it is perfect for scarves and shawls.  This yarn is so silky soft and pliable, yet has  a great weight.  I hand washed this, pressed on a towel to remove excess water and laid it flat to dry.  It dried in one day.  Bamboo is a unique fiber that absorbs a lot of moisture but also releases it fairly quickly allowing for quick evaporation.   It was a fun knit and I encourage anyone with the desire to try some lace knitting to give this pattern a try.  Fun and easy! Happy knitting!

knit lace scarf, handspun yarn scarf, womens apparel, bamboo scarf, art to wear scarf

knit lace scarf, bamboo scarf, art to wear

I am currently accepting bids on this scarf in a Facebook auction you can find by clicking on the photos!  Auction ends 8/20/11.  Thanks for looking! 🙂


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