Fiber Highlights

Posted on: 08/07/2011

hand dyed wool, superwash wool, spinning wool, hand painted wool, handspun yarn

Wild Flowers - superwash merino

My fiberlicous week in review – the wool is drying quickly in these warmer, breezier days.  I loved every sunny morning in July – they were delicious – especially for my early morning photography.  The sun is already changing and I’m having to wait longer in the day to get the best day light already…fall is coming..  yay! This of course is when I would “start” some summer knitting..latest on my needles is a beginner lace scarf from a free pattern, details to follow.   I’m loving this pattern as it only calls for about 100 yards! Yay! 🙂   I’ve received a couple of orders for roving and am going to try and make listings for roving in my shop soon.  A couple of new colorways found their way into the world this past week.  Wild flowers made it’s debut yesterday and is a soft, summery collection of colors.  More options could happen with this palette and will be fun to dream about! (I already see some silk sometime!).

Roving fun:

Orange Snow - superwash merino


Peacock Chick - superwash merino

Pinks - superwash merino


Pumpkin Patch - BFL Wool

handspun art yarn, handspun wool, hand painted wool

Handspun Art Yarn - Fairy Tail


handspun art yarn, angora yarn,

Lil Sluggerette Art Yarn - hand mixed - merino, silk, angora

Handspun/hand dyed bamboo - Awesome Easy Leaves Scarf - Click the photo to be transported to another site and the free easy pattern!

If you want to check out some of the most beautiful shawl patterns I’ve ever seen..check out  Heirloom-Knitting.  I spent some time dreaming about where I could wear this, yes really.  You know, like the red carpet or my private jet, places like that!  omgooodness! I hope you have a week filled with yummy fiber inspirations! 🙂


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