Handspun yarn dreams you can easily make come true!

Posted on: 07/29/2011

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Get your spindle kit today and you could be showing the world your new handspun yarn within hours!

I get so excited when I get to be a part of a new spinner’s intro to spinning! The satisfaction of creating something made with your hands, with your heart and with loving attention (that is also a tangible, (uneaten) staple item, instead of like say pie!) that  may end up living on for generations in someone’s treasured photograph or handmade doll or any number of yummy things, is so delightful!  The joy of your little effort will spread beyond your knowledge and is probably incomprehensible! You’ll just never know how many people will one day admire and appreciate your work (or otherwise, pet, coddle, hug, blot, squish, stroke, and mostly LOVE!)  KUDDOS to all artists and creators for everything you bring to the table! And kuddos to those willing to try new things!

Here’s a brave new spinner that was nice enough to share her work after she purchased the spindle kit from my website and  spun her own yarn and created this sweet hat and headband from her very first spindle spun yarn!    This handspun, hand knit little beanie and headband is beautiful!  I am so proud and happy for you, Lenka!  Here’s to you for taking the first step to many years of beautiful creations of and from handspun yarn!  Thank you so much for sharing with all of us.  I appreciate you!

handspun yarn, spindle spun yarn, baby photo prop hat, hand knit baby hat, purple hat, one of a kind baby hat

ilash applauds you Lenka! You can check out Lenka's facebook page by clicking on the photo.

Lenka chose Winter Crocus for  her projects!

Another fun fiber artist that started her journey into spinning with one of my spindle kits is Christina of Tres Belle Knits.  Here’s one of Christina’s latest creations from her own handspun  yarn –

handspun yarn, spindle spun yarn, crochet hat, baby hat, photography prop,

Awesome spin Christina! You rock!

You can click on the photo to be transported to Christina’s facebook page to see more of her handspun creations!  Thank you for sharing Christina!

I hope these artists will inspire you to get your spindle kit today and you too can be sporting your newest handspun and handmade creations for the world to enjoy! (and maybe keep some little beans warm too!) 🙂

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