More handspun yarn antics!

Posted on: 07/25/2011

Quick update regarding some superwash fun I had last week when I dug out my black dye and dyed this roving.  When it was done I felt I didn’t leave enough white space and the pink wasn’t bright enough.

hand dyed wool roving, superwash wool roving, hand dyed fiber, handspun  yarn

Chico Chick - not so much white

I spun a pretty straight single from this wool and set a course to practice some stitches I had recently seen used in an aran blanket.  I thought I could use it as a scarf but there is a right and a wrong side.  But I had fun calculating stitches and (although I’m sure it has been done before, somewhere by someone)..created my own pattern.  Albeit probably not an original pattern, but irregardless MY creation.  It’s simply a modified cable, diamond and cable stitch.   It’s going to get ripped out because I don’t need any more pot holders or table runners and I will go back to the drawing board (someday) and find some reversible stitches to play with for this yarn.  I do like how the Smokey Chico Chick colors worked up, even without so much white and a toned down pink.  I think I like it even better than the original Chico Chick..shhh don’t tell her! 🙂


2 Responses to "More handspun yarn antics!"

OoooOOOooo. I love the way that worked up! That greeny-blue is lovely.

Thank you! I think I discovered a new color when making this..that I am going to try and work up with some violets/purples. I think I need a “light” for drama oranges or yellows? or none. The colorway will be dark and shadowy maybe I should just let it be that and no light for drama. It’s a darker blue – real “different” color – am anxious to try it! 🙂

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