Handspun Yarn and fun (in the review mirror)

Posted on: 07/16/2011

Just posting some pics and places I’ve visited and enjoyed recently.  Have a great day!

handspun thick and thin yarn, handspun art yarn, handspun wool, slub yarn

just the normal noises in here...

handspun art yarn, handspun wool, hand dyed  yarn, slub yarn, thick and thin yarn

Woodland Faerie - BFL wool

wool roving, spinning wool, hand dyed wool, fall color yarn,

played in the pumpkin patch a little...

this inspired me to..

spindle spinning, handspun spindle, wooden spindle, wool spindle, handspun yarn

offer a spindle kit on my website again..

handspun yarn, hand dyed yarn, thick and thin yarn, hand dyed sock yarn, bamboo yarn,

...made a package of love for a dear friend

handspun thick and thin yarn, pink and green yarn, superwash yarn, slub yarn, handspun wool

made some Gumdrops

baby video, happy baby,

made and posted a little angel baby video (click on the photo to be magically transported to view the sweet video)

bfl roving, hand dyed roving, spinning roving

dyed and sold some roving this first sale of roving for a very, very long time. I miss it! If you need any roving, please just let me know! 🙂

had a little yarn helper for a minute..:)

handspun baby blanket, photography prop baby blanket, thick and thin handspun,

...started another blanket

I’ve spent what few spare computer moments I have cruising around on the Knitting Paradise forum  .  It’s a great place to get inspired and learn even MORE about knitting.  Here’s an awesome thread with great links where I was inspired to learn about  Gansey sweaters.

And somehow I found this free knit pattern for Mary Jane booties  for baby I’d like to try sometime –

Maybe they will inspire you too! Happy creating!


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