Win a Free Handspun Yarn Bundle in my Photo Contest!

Posted on: 06/28/2011

7/16/11 – The photo contest has concluded and the three photographs with the most votes are now arranged in my facebook album  in the first three places.  Congratulations  Nicole Hansen, Danielle Finder and Erin Medley! Way to go winners! I appreciate everyone’s effort and participation and I also appreciate your promotion! The album is over the top beautiful and I love it dearly!


7/13/11 – The photo contest is now live and you can vote on your favorites by leaving a comment under the photos here :

You can vote on  your favorites until Saturday, July 16, 2011 at 3:00 p.m.  I will then count up the votes and the three photos with the most comments (no duplicates) will each win a Discount Bundle from my shop – 3 skeins for $33.  Go vote!  Have fun, and enjoy all the beautiful butterfly and flower photos!


I am hosting my first Photo Contest in celebration of all of my Facebook friends and I hope you will join in the fun! Photo’s must be of either butterflies or flowers.  You can submit three photos and be entered three times.   When you submit your photo to my contest, you agree to let me republish your photo(s) in the Photo Contest Album on my Facebook business page.  Placing them all in the Contest Album will allow for everyone’s viewing and voting.  (Beyond that I won’t do one other thing with your photos).   I want YOU to pick the winners.  The top three winners will receive one of my handspun yarn bundles, from yarn that I have currently available.   Each of my yarn bundles are handspun thick and thin yarn and the bundle is three, 2 ounce skeins.   Winners will be announced here and on my Facebook business page and each winner will need to contact me with their shipping address.  If I don’t receive your shipping address,  I will simply pick the photo with the next highest number of votes.   The contest will be open until I have collected  75 different photos at which time I will stop accepting photo’s and ask you to vote by leaving a comment under your top three favorites.  Voting for more than three photos will disqualify you from the entire contest if you are entered and disqualify all of your other votes for winners.  This needs to be a clean contest, thank you.  You can submit your photo’s to my Facebook business page here:

or you can e-mail them to me at

handspun yarn, thick and thin  yarn, art yarn, slub yarn, hand dyed wool

This is a sample of my yarn - My yarn bundles are reg. merino or bfl 3/$33! 🙂

I will be updating about this contest on my Facebook business page and also here on my WordPress blog.   So stay tuned!

This contest includes free shipping to entrants in the US and Canada only.  Winners from other countries will receive an equivalent shipping discount, and must pay the difference.  Thank you all for reading and playing along!  


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