Knitting with Handspun Yarn

Posted on: 06/05/2011


Last week I found a most excellent knitting forum and quickly found a link to the 5 hour baby sweater that inspired me to want to try it.  The 5 hour baby sweater took ME a bit longer than 5 hours, but I didn’t care.  I fell in love with the yoke pattern and hope to one day incorporate it or something similar to it into a poncho pattern.  I started this sweater in a navy acrylic yarn and quickly abandoned it to spin up some superwash in doodlebug colors and dove right into it.  It was too fun!  The knitting forum is so fun too!  It is chock full of everything knitting and is active with knitters and crocheters from all over the world.   I hope to find more time to spend there!  You can check it out yourself and have fun!  Here’s my lastest post that includes the link to the sweater pattern ~

knit baby sweater, 5 hour baby sweater, beginner sweater,

5 hour baby sweater

knit baby sweater, handspun baby sweater, 5 hour baby sweater

Handspun Superwash Merino

handspun baby sweater, 5 hour baby sweater, baby cardigan


Added 6/28/11

knit baby sweater, free knit baby sweater pattern, concentric stripes cardigan

Concentric Stripes Baby Cardigan - free pattern here

The cardigan above was knit with size 10’s following the pattern and it will fit about a 1 year old.  It was a fun knit..I was frustrated with both of these patterns because of the fancy stitch yokes. (I’m a beginner and need simple).   I searched for simple designs but could not find a free one.  I bought a baby sac pattern and after 4 times of ripping it out..I set out on my own and have gotten this far on it:

knit pram, baby pram, baby sac, newborn sleepwear

Caron Simply Soft Eco - plum

This pram above is worked on size 8 circs.,  co 52, 2×2 rib worked back and forth, divide the sections,  increasing before and after each marker until back panel holds 34 stitches then joined and continue knitting.  I haven’t figured out how to close the bottom..many options.  I needed to use acrylic to work out this pattern.  I can’t wait to use some sweet handspun for one of these.  This size will fit 7-8 lb baby, so I better hurry up and finish it! 🙂

napping on granny's bed 🙂

I hope you find some fun inspiration today!


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