I wish…I had a pretty blog!

Posted on: 02/06/2011

Greetings fiberlicious louvers! Is anyone out there willing to trade some “pretty blog” for some “pretty yarn?” ..please just let me know…as you can see I am in desperate need of some blog help!  Currently I am strung out for the next week+ (with orders I cannot be grateful enough for, THANK YOU! xxoo) but I sure would like to discuss it with anyone willing to help me out.

I would really really like a big link to my website and a facebook button here because I would really like as many orders as I can get either through my website: or on facebook.   I am getting more and more fascinated with facebook and love to hear from everyone there!  It’s too fun!

I’ve been listing all of my new yarns  available for purchase, pretty exclusively on my website for a couple of weeks now and it’s going really well and I appreciate everyone’s participation in that!   There’s not anything you have to join at big cartel and check out is easy paypal or credit card.  (my big cartel site is also in need of some paint and  I’d sure like to improve on it but have not the skill).

I could make you something like this?

Yarn collage, handspun collection, thick and thin yarn, art yarn,

Or let’s talk about it!  I’m not too picky but the stuff I have going on in my header right now is well…wrong and all of those dots in my name?  I did not do that particularly on purpose…I did that so the title would move over out of the way of those tabs..and well now..there’s this big line of ……………………….’s all over in searches.  I think it’s kinda obnoxious and would really..gee wish I had a pretty blog!  I need some help!

Looking forward to hearing from anyone! Thanks for looking in here! 🙂 Ny.


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