Hand Knit Chunky Wool Hats

Posted on: 12/29/2010

Happy holidays to everyone!  I have wandered off from my ilashdesigns duties for the past few weeks.  But I think..there is a light at the end of the I’m just hoping it’s not a freight train!  🙂

This Christmas reminded me of many birthday parties we celebrated with the kids when they were little..when things get postponed…and the “celebration” some how winds up being 2-3 weeks long?  We have had family and company here for the last week and will continue to “celebrate” until next week.  🙂  I look forward to getting back to my regularly scheduled programing and have enjoyed this time of sharing and r and r as much as possible!

This is how my last week went:  Sun – migrain,  Mon – migrain, Tues – migrain..Wed – no migrain..but didn’t wander far and rested to recoup…for Thurs – grocery shopping day (way way way overdue) so that on Fri – last Christmas shopping. ..and you know the rest.  I haven’t had a cluster of migrains like that for quite awhile..but it was no fun.  In the meantime my back goes out (from too much resting I’m sure) and that kept me from spinning anything.  All is on the mend now…but man…that winter solstice thing threw me right out of the boat! (that’s what I’m going to blame it on anyway..and I’m prob. pretty right on!)

SO – for some quiet fun I needed to do this….

hand knit, one of a kind hat, bulky wool hat, adult wool hat, green knit hat

One of a kind yarn, with flecks of purple, green, orange and white, knit with an acrylic band

chunky wool hat, green wool hat, one of a kind yarn, wearable art

Fits women head size 22

Matching fingerless mitts are on the way!

knit chunky wool hat, bulky yarn hat, beanie, skull cap, winter hat, blue brown black wool  hat

This one I am keeping as it has a few stitches that wandered off on the brim.

slouchy hat, bulky yarn knit hat, one of a kind knit hat, wearable art, art to wear

This was fun! Bulky Merino hand dyed wool and black acrylic band.

slouchy hat, wool hat, hand knit hat, blue black grey hat

I love how the colors came out on this one!


I’m having fun building these!  It’s a nice style that lets me add my handspun.  I have a basic pattern for the brim, if you can call 2×2 rib a pattern..then I just knit and make it up as I go.  I let the yarn tell me what to do.  If it’s bulky..I use the k2tog decrease.  If the yarn is smaller gauge it looks great to do a skp (or something like that)  and there is even yet another one hidden in my notes I’ve used for a boxy men’s style closure.   I use the model a lot for fitting it as I knit.  Fun, mostly mindless knitting.  Except it takes me FOREVER!   The hat above took about 60-75  yards of my 7-8-9 spun yarn.  I’m guessing too tho..because I knit what I had on hand that was easy and balled up so I didn’t measure.

I also started a baby blanket and knit a pair of I have been busy! But a fun, quiet busy! :))

I really hope everyone had a great holiday and are also enjoying the ride of getting back to “normal”.  I’m coming!  (with the matching green fingerless mitts – 1 down, 1 to go)  Happy New Year! 🙂


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