Handspun Yarn Give Away!

Posted on: 12/07/2010

I told you I was going to be moving and shaking over that on my facebook page! You must be curious by now!!!

Here’s my latest great deal~ 1rst – refer a friend to my biz page and let me know who you referred, then guess the total amount of length in my pink coil yarn BEFORE i process it. This yarn will get felted and then the core pulled out to create a ringlet yarn. I’ll share the results with pics on my fb page! This is a super fun yarn to create with! Closest guess to the length of the coil yarn wins (don’t forget to refer a friend and let me know).

Easy’s a pic of the yarn:

pink coil yarn, handspun art yarn, doll hair, baby hats, knitting, crochet,


After everyone “likes” my page, cruise on into the discussion about the Pink Coil Yarn and place your guess at the pre felted yardage. HEE HEE! This isn’t any fun at all I KNOW IT!
Here’s the link to the discussion page where you can place your guess and let me know your friends! πŸ™‚

3 of my fav coil yarn uses:
1. felt it..tear out the coil and you have GORGEOUS ringlets for doll hair.
2. felt it..tear out the coil yarn and knit with it – it is too fun and brings over the top originality to any piece!
3. unwind it and roll around in it, preferably naked and only really late at night.

This contest will run from today, Dec. 7th to midnight on December 14th. ANYONE can win..come on world wide people! Hurry over!

There’s no loser’s in my games…whats the matta? You can’t find me any likers? just wanna guess the yardage? Guessers getting closest to the correct yardage with no friend referrals can still WIN a 1/2 of skein of my handspun- my choice (maybe more coils..maybe not, sure to make you smile!)..I hope you LOVE it!
Happy Holidays coming up to everyone and I hope you ALL have a Nappy New Year too! πŸ™‚ Ny.


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