Bolero from Handspun Yarn

Posted on: 05/30/2010

bolero, handspun yarn shawl, handspun yarn poncho,

I just had to share this now (she say’s it needs blocking..what’s blocking? ha!) I think this is so beautiful!  This piece was worked by my apprentice in my Holy Peacock Feather’s Batman colorway on merino  2 ply yarns.  I spun  several different gauged yarns from this roving and my apprentice, Oliva (a young, beautiful, smaht and fun girlfriend of my son! :))))))),

did a beautiful job of working in the multiple gauges with ease even!  She quips..”it’s sooo easy!”….uh huh.  I LOVE this kid.  She has talent with needles I will never attain.  Her creations are unique and we don’t need no pattern…what’s a pattern? MEH! lol (I think I’ve seen her reference one once..when we first met about a year ago!)  She makes me feel as if my knitting ring markers are kinda like troll dolls at a Bingo game.  I adore her skills and I hope to always keep learning from her.  She’s a  natural!

We are having a fiberlicous grand time together as she’s also interested in spinning and dyeing.   My day’s are usually filled with conversations about water heater’s and pipe and plumber’s butts, and pipe and drains and boilers and pipe.  OK ..we might also talk about a little fiber..I have to admit..I’m a yak too!  or maybe ya didn’t  notice..yah, a yak I am.  But I am having so so so much fun of sharing the joy of  fiber with someone who at least, matches (sometimes more!)  my enthusiasm…ok..I know.  But..omg! for FUN! lol

Check this girl out:

multi colored bolero, shawl, wrap, poncho from handspun yarn

I found it delightful how there was a little more yellow in the yarns she worked the top with.

wrist warmers, cuffs, hand knit wrist warmers from handspun yarn

I knit these from the same peacock colorway, but a different dye lot.

The yarns that were spun, were spun in no particular order or with any end projects in mind.  It just needed to be spun and it needed to be spun as fast as possible!  I think the two renditions were fun and  interesting and I love Olivia’s best!  Oliva has made several pieces that inspire me, but she has not opened up to selling her work yet.  LOOK FOR THAT if I get to influence that you know I will!

Here are some new listings from my shop this week:

bfl roving, hand dyed roving, wool roving, blue wool

BFL - Rain Sleet and Snow

I’m having fun working with dark blues!

bfl roving,  hand dyed wool, hand dyed bfl, blue wool roving

BFL roving - Midnight Garden

handspun yarn, bright colored handspun yarn, merino handspun yarn

Handspun Yarn - Goofin Off - 3 skeins

handspun yarn, handspun bfl wool, hand dyed wool, thick and thin yarn, slub yarn, peach and pink yarn

Handspun Yarn - Superwash BFL wool

handspun yarn, handspun bfl, superwash bfl, thick and thin yarn, slub yarn

Handspun Superwash BFL

handspun yarn, shabby chic, pink yarn, slub yarn, thick and thin yarn

Handspun Superwash Merino - Shabby Chic - 3 skeins avail.

handspun yarn, handspun superwash merino, merino yarn, thick and thin handspun, slub yarn

Holy Peacock Feathers Batman - thick and thin order -sold

I hope you all have a great day and find something to inspire your next fiberlicious creation that will knock your socks off!  🙂


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