Felted Scarf Day

Posted on: 05/23/2010

I had some early morning fun, felting another scarf. This was felted from merino in my Frosty Feet colorway.  I added silk, tencel and bamboo fibers for some shimmer.  I built 4 leaves and included them in the layers before felting.  I tried to give them some depth with a few different colors.  The brown and gold fibers didn’t show up so well in my photo’s and next time I’ll will want to use more.  I am having fun testing out gear for the cobweb wool.  I’m anxious to try another scarf for more “research”.

The flowers I had felted a few weeks ago and dreamt of felting them into the scarf with the leaves, but didn’t have the courage when the rubber met the road.  They are hand sewn on with a few stitches of thread and could easily be removed or placed at your preference points.  The cobwebiness of this scarf turned out great.  It all happened naturally, I didn’t make any in the scarf myself.  Once again, I learned so much it was grand funola!

This would add a nice romantic touch to a plain solid dress, or with a t-shirt and jeans.  The earth tone colors give it a dreamy appeal that I think you will enjoy. 🙂 Ny.

felted scarf, cobweb felted scarf with flowers and leaves

cobweb felted scarf, wearable art, wool scarf with flowers and leaves

felted scarf, cobweb felted scarf, wearable art, fiber art, felted flowers and leaves


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