Updating the Update

Posted on: 05/22/2010

I have the need to repeat showing you this:

smores, chocolate, graham cracker, marshmallow, summer

Which inspired this:

handspun yarn, wool yarn, knitting,

that also inspired the creation of this:

handknit baby hat, handspun art yarn, novelty yarn,

and from this…I went here –  Hush Puppy handspun.  If you click on the pic it will take you to my Etsy shop.

handspun yarn, wool yarn, knitting, natural colored yarn

This yarn will be so much fun to work up.  I let the skinny spinnin go out the window..big and fat..just the plumpy way I love it! Big and fat 4-6 wpi!  This yarn is a merino base with varying fiber spin ins.  BFL, and nylon were included, so take this one off the plate for felting.  This lusciousness will be perfect for next to your neck or face!  It would be a great stash addition and “go to” for adding a little color to a creamy baby hat or any of your next natural creations.  The sky is the limit! :)) Ny.

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