Merino and BFL Roving

Posted on: 04/29/2010

I experimented with merino and  bfl roving and dyeing some new colorways this past week, and managed to spin a small skein of Battlestar blues even!   I am looking forward to playing with more deep blues.  Please throw any color ideas you would like to see at me.  I played with blue, rust, pink and green’s this week.  Pink is my favorite.  Seems I keep running into a green wall, (same with my yellow..but I know how to fix is a big challenge for me) lots more work to be done. I hope you enjoy the pics..don’t forget to say hi to be entered in my give away!  Bye bye..April!  C’mon May! :))

merino roving, goofin off, primary colors dyed with acid dyes

Merino roving - Goofin Off - 8 oz. total

Hand dyed roving, BFL roving, dyed with acid dyes

BFL - Surfer Girl - Exciting and fun new colorway! 4 oz.

acid dyed BFL roving, blue roving

BFL Roving - Battlestar Blues - 4 oz.

BFL Roving, acid dyed roving, blues, yellow, orange with black

BFL Roving - this ended up being a favorite! Battlestar Blues with Black

handspun BFL wool, handspun yarn, blue yarn

Handspun Battlestar Blues - 110 yds - 4 oz

merino bamboo nylon roving, dyed with acid dyes, crystal trinkets

Merino/Bamboo/Nylon - Crystal Trinkets 4 oz.

merino roving, acid dyed merino roving, peacock colors

Merino Roving - Holy Peacock Feathers Batman - 4 oz. (sold)

crochet sample

Holy Peacock Feather's Batman - crochet sample

crochet sample, hand dyed wool single

2 ply crochet sample

That’s all I have time for today.  Stay tuned for the April Give Away winner and drop a line when you can! 🙂

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