It’s so taxing on me! Tax time and all…

Posted on: 04/14/2010

This update includes baby hat’s and a new diaper cover I hand knit.  Some of them are listed in my Etsy shop and some of them aren’t.  If you see one you are interested in but can’t find where to buy it..just let me know.  I also updated my Baby Hat’s page with new pics here.

and on with this show…

garrrshhh…and ugh!

Ok..I am just going to admit it, a lot of things did help lead me to it..but I did just what I hate doing…waited until the assignment was due before I started!  Don’t ya just hate it when you do that?

Now, that I’m about done…I am happy to say that it really wasn’t that hard.  Emotionally, yes, it has been long and hard..but after I now see what all is entailed in the numbers of the taxes..well….I’m feeling great about next year! I am talking about the organization..not so much the practical application of the tax system on me or my business…just to be clear.  But organizing for next year will be much easier.  I am a good one for regular tasks.  Put it on my list of  today’s “to do’s”  and I usually giterdone.  Logging my receipts regularly will have me all ready next time! (instead of throwing them all into the big manilla envelope on the shelf)..but good to also know that, if nothing else..that does work too..just don’t wait until 4/1..really.

I had a bit of illness that slowed me down this year and that didn’t help me.  Even though I haven’t been feeling so up to snuff I  have been able to work on getting my website up and the Etsy venue is getting long and hard on me as well.  I love Etsy, they just don’t love me that much..and I am growing weary of it.  My Etsy customer’s?? now they ROCK!  And I am grateful!  I hope to be able to offer discount codes to other Etsian’s on my website.  I do love my Etsy crowd!

There has been a lot of behind the scenes things happening here but my wool order is coming in soon and I am happy to report that I will be able to get back to some dyeing on a more regular basis very soon.  Meantime..give me a hollar if you need/want anything!

More pics for fun:

Hand Knit Baby Hats

Baby Hat and Diaper cover set


2 Responses to "It’s so taxing on me! Tax time and all…"

Ny! My fiberlicious winning envelope came today. It is one sweet stash of cotton candy pink yarn. Beautiful!!!! Many thanks. I love it!

Hi Mary! That was so fun to make! Don’t you just love those white puffy clouds? Coopworth…just soooo soft! nummy! Your very welcome! 🙂

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