February and March Fiberlicious Give Away Details and Winners!

Posted on: 02/01/2010


We have a 2 winner’s  folks! One for February and one for March this time.  Both will receive art yarn like in the photo below!

There were 15  entrants for Feb and  3  entrants for March. (wow what a nose dive I’ve had!)

The pool of entrants are customers who so nicely purchased my items from my Etsy  shop this month  and folks that submitted a photo for me to use here and on Etsy, anyone that commented here was entered as well as people that entered any of my items in their treasury! Woo Hoo all you people rock! And I love doing these give aways!

AND THE WINNER  FOR FEBRUARY IS chosen by random number generator, which I do off site and got 6  so..….drummmmm rolllllllllll pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

and that is……..

MarikioInStitches!  Rock on WTG!!! I’m so glad you won! Thank you for wanting to hang around with me  and brightening up my days!

AND THE WINNER  FOR MARCH  IS chosen by random number generator, which I do off site and got 3  so..….drummmmm rolllllllllll pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

and that is……..

bijouxandbeads!  Rock on WTG!!! I’m so glad you won! Thank you for wanting to hang around with me  and brightening up my days!

MarikioInStitches and bijouxandbeads  won some art yarn and a sample is shown below.  Thank you so much for your participation in all that is ilashdesigns! I appreciate you!

3/4/10 – All is well at last and I’m sorry about the ignorance of my blog. Thank you to all well wishers!  I appreciate EVERY ONE!  🙂  I hope I am forgiven for bagging the entire month.  It was a nice blog break!  AND there’s still a winner!  Just a slow reporter!  Thank you for your patience!

April Fiberlicous Give Away prize will again be 10+ yards of an art yarn of my choosing.  The pink  yarn in the photo below is a sample.

Beehive Art Yarn Example

This month’s  promotional offering will run from 4/1/10 – 4/30/10.  I hope to be able to offer my Monthly Fiberlicious Giveaway each month through 2010. The chosen winner, selected by random number generator, will be announced here and in my shop on Etsy on May 1st, 2010.  NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO WIN! Prize participation is limited to folks from the U.S. and Canada only.  Thank you!

To enter the April Fiberlicious Giveaway post a comment to my blog.  If you are signed into WordPress the link will be your login name and I can contact you through that link, if you are the winner!  If you are not signed into WordPress..leave me the e-mail address you wish to be contacted so I can let you know you were the big winner and also get an address confirmation for your free gift!  I will publish  your post with out publishing your e-mail address.   There will be one winner for each month. Anyone including an item from my Etsy shop into their Etsy treasury (please inform me), and anyone that makes a purchase from my shop in April is automatically entered in the Fiberlicous Give Away.

Feel free to ask me any questions regarding my April Fiberlicious Giveaway. I do not collect e-mail addresses for any other purpose besides my give away.  I don’t sell them to anyone, and I don’t use them to solicit future sales.  Someday I may have a newsletter, but that sign up with be exclusive to the newsletter as well.  It truly is a “clean” deal”! I take pride in my word and you can trust me to keep it! I hope you win!!! Good Luck!!!! Thanks for following!!!


10 Responses to "February and March Fiberlicious Give Away Details and Winners!"

this is awesome! i didnt know the great perks i was in for when i bought your beautiful colorway. cant wait

Thanks so much for dropping by! I appreciate everyone’s comments! I hope you enjoy the roving! Goofin Off will always be one of my favs! I would love to hear any updates! Have a great day! 🙂

Just found your shop on Etsy, i’m a total beginner spinner (like i started today) and i love your roving. I may be needing to order something soon…lol.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Thank you for loving my colorways! I always love to hear from folks cruising around for the love of fiber! If you have any questions please feel free to ask, I mostly know a little about a little, but will do my best for ya! I really hope you need to order something soon, I know I need to sell something soon. So far this year has been pretty slow. So then I start thinking nobody likes me, everybody hates me and but I can’t eat any worms, and maybe they are just tired of looking at my same old, same old colorways. Please let me know if anyone has any color ideas!!! I am always looking for another “beauty”! Good luck in the Give Away~ I hope you win! I love hearing any updates! Keep posting! 🙂 Ny.

Hope your feeling better, fast.
Take care.

Thank you so much! Good luck too! 🙂 Ny.

Ny, thanks so much for making me a fiberlicious winner! I can’t wait to see your package arrive in the mail. Your colors are always delectable. I’m finishing up the last batch I bought and really don’t want it to end. I just love watching those colors run through my fingers. Looking forward to your new colorways this spring.
Thanks again!

Thank you Mary! It’s always my pleasure to hear from you! Thank you! 🙂

Your package arrived! Thanks so much. It is, as expected, beautiful, soft and delicious – so much so that I had to post a pic of it on my blog. Hope you don’t mind. Best…. Mary

So fun to hear! Thank you! I’m off to check out your blog! I won’t mind! How kind of you! Chat soon! 🙂 Ny.

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