Posted on: 02/01/2010

2/1/10’s been way too long since I published anything here.  Well, our lives are just filled with so much hilariousness these days – not.  Maybe now that the holidays are behind us we can loosen up a bit again! 🙂

So, just to add something in here so we know it’s not all dead and stinking in the water, what comes to just a little something we have been doing that has been bringing us constant giggles….

just whenever anyone does anything..tell them they must be just doing that for “attention”.   Use a lot of “gawd!’s, and precede with it too with many “knock it off’s!” Or ask them as a question..”gawd, are you just doing that for attention?” LOLOLOL!

I’ve been laughing so hard at’s giving me cramps.  NO ONE is ever prepared for this statement..and the looks they give you back are great! 🙂

I heard something somewhere this past week that made me think about when you were a kid, and somebody -usually your mom – told you that.  It just struck me as a pretty passive aggressive statement – and once they add their frustration and put a little snarky anger in just makes me roll! lol – phunny!

How much do you do for “attention”? hahahahhaha

Now on the internet it’s a requirement! It’s a different world isn’t it?

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