January Overview

Posted on: 02/01/2010

It’s February 1rst already!  I’m so glad, I am already itching for some better weather and February always means we can begin to hope!  Just some more temps in the 30’s would be cause for more relaxed breathing!’s been cold and snowy.  Although I do love winter.

January was a hard month for me.  I lost my mojo for dying sometime in December and have been struggling to get it back since then!  Adding to my month working on inventory and taxes, and the website, and lower’s been a bust.  Website is slow going -even with help.  My Noro scarf is down to walnut sized balls of  yarn..I’ve messed up the stitch count..(was getting so excited to almost be done) it’s being ignored again, while I worked on other knitting projects.  Some new baby hats were created.  My latest was this green one and I can’t wait to improve on this and do more colors and maybe some blends.

Merino Baby Hat

I handspun merino thick and thin, then knit the hat and then applied the dye.  You can see on the tail where the green split out to blue, and in some of my photo’s it seems to hint at more splitting, but it didn’t anywhere else, it’s just the photo’s.  I did dye some more yarn green for a ball.  I’ve wracked my brain for other idea’s on the tail tip, nothing has emerged as a good idea.  But overall I am pleased  with this first attempt and am excited to try other colors and applying more dye for an even more graduated effect.

This was too fun! I started out with 90+ yards of thick and thin and ended up with three baby hats..2 are newborn sizes and the third ended up being big enough for a toddler size. But just let me say thrumming rocks! 🙂

Toddler sized

The beginning of January I played around with knitting and felting some bowls – but apparently only specific seller’s can sell these on Etsy – and I don’t know why –

This was knit from merino dyed in my Funky Punk Pink colorway. I love this colorway!

I also made some art yarns that were a lot of fun.  Here’s a few that were created:

Sable art yarn - sold

Pink and Blue Art Yarn - sold

Merino 2 ply with cotton crochet thread

This was the last one I worked on and is full of perfectly spun beehives..I really worked hard on this little baby and the beehives are too fun!

I practiced with some acrylic yarn and built this little diaper cover. A pattern might be helpful..but oh well!

This was supposed to be a baby hat and ended up this cowl! Now I want to do more colors for this style. It's so soft! It could double as a headband too.

That’s a good overview of my January.  WordPress is now acting wonky, so I am going to skidoddle before it completely messes up.  I’m off to work on the February Fiberlicious Give Away!  Have a great day! 🙂


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