Need a thirst quencher? Try a Lime Ricky!

Posted on: 01/17/2010

This is kinda silly, but it’s so yummy..I have to share! And it does quench your thirst!

Lime Ricky

1/2 sprite

1/2 7-up


big wedge of lime squeezed on top

I like to buy the 2 serving size bottles of sprite..the mini cans of 7-up, mix a drink and then pour the rest of the 7-up into the sprite bottle for next time! (cuz I’m the only one who drinks these)  It’s not as sour as Squirt, and the limes cut the sugar a bit.  I know it’s not diet..(I haven’t tried it with diet soda’s I will put it on my to do list) I know it’s not so good for’s for those splurge drinks you allow yourself once in awhile.  It’s a great party drink too!

And on some new business..well kinda.  I am working on opening an e-commerce website.  I have it’s shell built but it is still not coming up in search engines.  So I was instructed to put the addy somewhere that is already being crawled…so here it is:

When it does get found I’ll do a big announcement.  I am working up grand opening items now.  I’m not going to tip my hand just yet..but it will be exciting!

This website stuff is a whole nother breed of kitty.  It’s very demanding of my time now.


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