On with the show! – It’s a fiberlicious update!

Posted on: 12/15/2009

I’ve experienced a little trouble with my blog organization and I knew I eventually would.  After stewing about it, I’m going to have to forget fixing it for now and just get ON with the show!  Please bear with my duplications where they don’t seem appropriate.  Some day I hope to improve my blogging skills and come back and repair them!

The last few weeks  have been great here.  We are having fun getting ready for Christmas..everyone with their secret little agenda’s!  The weather has been a challenge here, as it has for many folk. We have escaped illness all of this time, which I am continually grateful for, except one chicken now has a cough.  We are on high alert and maintain constant germ warfare.  I am a fan of and hope to get a flu shot soon! I had my usual migrain struggles, and know it is not over because they are out of sync I’m in line for another any minute.  PIA.  My sleep has been way out of whack again and somehow my body went all out of balance and I had to  focus on getting it back on track again.   When my sleep whacks out I run on 4-5 hours of sleep, and can for several days.  Then I just work like a maniac and eventually fall over from exhaustion.  It’s manic I know it..I blame it on menopause.  One day I can move furniture and the next I’m exhausted..except my day’s are like 2-3-4.  I didn’t used to be this way, but I’ve had to accept it now, and I remind myself it’s temporary..I won’t have these problems in a few years, or  I take the big dirt nap! :)))

One of the things I’d like to share because it helps me so much to get my body back into balance, and it is so simple and maybe it can help…

EAT YOUR OATMEAL! (with wheat bran)

I have had a lifelong struggle with a sensitive digestion system sometimes! (red hair, light eyes, light know the type!)  I’ve never been constipated a day in my life, (ok maybe one) so you know what I struggle with.  My  journey in finding relief started when I was looking for a way to  create heat in my compost pile, without using manure.  I love manure, (did I just type that?)  and I know in an organic compost pile, the absolute, best thing you can use is manure!  Anyways…what I ended up learning was the micro organisms that cause a compost pile to “digest”  and “cook” (and get hot and decompose) are the same compounds we need in our bodies to digest our foods properly.  Do you feed your septic system RidX?  Digestive compounds that creates micro organisms that “digest”  your septic tank contents.  Same same.  I like to keep a Japanese kombaki? the name escapes me know..bucket on my back porch during summers to add to my compost pile and that creates the heat I need for excellent decomposition of my leaves in my compost pile.  The ingredient  added for your digestive enzymes in your bucket is wheat bran.  (actually it can be several different pick one that works for you).  I buy wheat bran in packages from my grocer.  A little goes a long way and it has excellent shelf life! The Japanese bucket system is  a 5 gallon, double bucket system.  One sits on top of the other.  When seated together the bottom bucket has an airspace of about 8 inches.  Drill a bunch of holes in the bottom of your top bucket  and the sides (only a short ways down..put many around, but leave space for your contents!) of the bottom bucket.  Throw in all your vegetable waste from the kitchen, anything you want in your compost pile.  Coffee grounds, apple peels, the list goes on.  I don’t exactly remember the entire process…I have it in my files somewhere.  There’s a liquid you make (gee, basically from spoiled milk, ((concentrated lacto)).  The directions I read had you mix this lacto acid in with the wheat bran on a big tarp and store this sawdusty type stuff in a use by the handful, on top of your kombachi bucket contents.  That was the food to start the digestive process in the bucket.  Add some food, add some sawdusty.  It would work quickly, absorb the liquid, and there was no smell, except once in awhile, you could get a whiff of a yeasty type smell.  Not offensive, and never thick,  (maybe the way beer smells if you made beer) just once in awhile.  I used a lid. And it had air, from the drilled holes. It literally lived right at my back door.  No problems.  I altered the recipe a little, I stored my liquid in a large coke liter bottle in the fridge, labeled and dated.  I would put some scraps in the bucket..add a handful of wheat bran, and sprinkle some lactic liquid in there..and it worked perfectly.  I read that farmers/ranchers have known about this and done this for years.  The power of lactic acid from the milk and wheat bran from the fields.  imagine that.

To get my body regulated I eat warm oatmeal with as much wheat bran as I can stir into it..(I work toward 1/4 cup), I do use some cream…sometimes…a couple tablespoons is also good for your tummy. It’s why we eat rice pudding, and crave it sometimes..our bodies know a little is ok  (I don’t think cream has been filtered or processed as much as milk, and still contains some of the basic micro organisms that our bodies need for digestion, this is the entire reason why they market and sell the  yogurt with the probiotic’s in them..our bodies need the unfiltered micro’s for good digestion! that they have filtered out with many screens and pasturization.  Whole milk used to serve this function for us too).  I add a teaspoon or so of honey and chow down.  Next day..things are looking up… two..I’m A OK! It’s hard to maintain that diet for too many days ..but the more day’s a week I can do that..the more regular I am! And it has a bit of a lasting effect.  It gets all the micro organism’s in your gut working right and more in balance.   Of course..this can’t work for folks not able to process wheat, or those not willing to let cream enter their body.  Soy milk would be wonderful too! You just need a little moisture to wet down the wheat bran.  My point it’s the two, oatmeal and wheat bran, that work the best for me and I believe is the key.  And believe me..I have tried every which way to do this without the wheat bran..and could find no other way. It’s just a challenge to eat.  I’ve made some wonderful granola bars  with it, ..but that’s not a constant or quick breakfast solution for me all the time either.  The oatmeal/bran is truly a workable solution for me.  I even made enough and put it in the fridge for a few days, so no long cooking time either.  I hope that helps someone!  I wish I would have known this a long long long time ago.  It’s to simple and you can basically quit drinking the pepto bismal.

Another problem I had this week that cropped up…I have bursitis in one of my heels.  I suffered for years from this pain.  I was 35 gimping around painfully walking for years until I found this little simple solution.   I even went to the doctor at some point and had to get some very very strong, prescription strong,  anti-inflamatory medicine, that had some aweful side effects, therefore making that a last effort solution.  Too strong.  And no, I couldn’t sit on the couch and wait for it to go away! My answer was reading on the internet one day on someone’s blog about eating cherries for bursitis.  So I tried it….and you know what?  It works for me!  I ate them every day for several months, before I started to back off of them.  Now, I don’t have to eat them everyday and if I feel pain in my heel from the bursitis..I eat cherries one day and the next day it is gone and I am so not kidding you!  Funny thing..I discovered how much I didn’t eat cherries!  I really don’t like the taste at all!  So I literally felt good about eating 10 cherries..and that’s about all you need! The article said..any kind of cherries…canned, dried, sweet marichino’s even work!.  So…

I made a big cherry effort and it’s paid off for me.  As a matter of fact all of my aching joints feel better after I eat cherries!  I hope that can help someone else..and why don’t the doctors tell us this? I wouldn’t be able to spin without this little gem of knowledge.  Cherries are powerful medicine to me.  I hope they help someone else!

ok..on with the show.

If you have been following my shop you’ve seen the felted scarves I’ve had success building and selling a few even!  They have been so fun to make and I can’t wait to expound on them.  So much fun!

These are all Fall Harvest colorway on merino wool.

Funky Punk Wine colorway

Love these colors, I will have to try this one again.

BFL - still available in my shop

This one sold, BFL again.

That’s it for felted scarves right now.  More are planned!

I also made time to finish a custom order scarf.  This one is in my Burgundy Fall colorway and was a lot of fun to knit up! Long and skinny!

This was fun to make! I wish I could find a baby!

My latest focus, coils.

There’s a few other things I worked on that didn’t get in here.  And will try to come and update when I have time again.  If I don’t, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!  I hope it’s everything you wish for!  And I’ll be checking in again for sure for the December Fiberlicious Give Away on 1/1.  I would love to hear from anyone!  Don’t forget to stop by the shop for any of your baby hat, felted scarf or hand spun/roving needs!  🙂

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