I said I was going to rest…

Posted on: 09/22/2009

But instead I freaked out and warped my table loom, and it’s Barefoot’s fault! Always egging me on with her beautiful creations!!!! And well purple is one of my fav’s and I’ve been having way way way too much fun with purple..maybe…or not.  I’m not done by a long shot with purple. lol So this was created..I was going to name it something clever like “sandal wearing hippie”..for funsies…I’ll have to save that for a funky one I decided!

Next up is lime green, pink and white…I grabbed that bulky mohair down from my shop today to dye it “lime green” and well….I can’t.  My brain just won’t let me do it.  So……….I grabbed my bag of nylon and started spinning…what a blast spinning nylon is…I had forgotten…spun so hard and fast my leg got tired and I searched Etsy for some handspun nylon…ha… such chance.  SOMEONE should be selling this…easy dye..good for the allergics in our lives, lots of benefits to nylon. It would be good to learn beginning spindling on I decided..probably the best. I wish I would have known now..well you know the rest. Anyways..  now THIS my brain will let me dye lime green.  I’m thinking charcoal grey for the mohair…??

Purple Jazz

Purple Jazz

And I retook some photos…what a yob!

Black Woven Scarf - all hand worked wools

Black Woven Scarf - all hand worked wools

Super Bulky Cocoon hand spun - Double knit

Super Bulky Cocoon hand spun - Double knit

I wish they had “touch” computer screens…wouldn’t that rock? This Huckleberry Splash is so lofty soft and snuggly! I wish there was two of me…or one of these mannequins would get busy…(did ya notice Rita did a Michael Jackson and got her skin lightened? or that’s not right)..She got a make over that’s it! Because the mini me would be spinning cocoon yarn! And and and….

The black all wool scarf is ultra soft too..the but fibers are it’s a silky soft…deliciously supple and will be warm!

And I kept company with a purple orb..see it? My new photo set up still needs some work.

I hope everyone had a great day! Cheers! 🙂 Ny.

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