More new items listed today!

Posted on: 09/20/2009

And after this I am taking a break from fibers and going to start some fall house cleaning.  Have been hard at it …so break time! And I need to pick up some of my wip’s and finish something! I’m enjoying a cool, rainy day finally! And we’re getting the hot tub up and running …maybe I will take a long break…

It’s my favorite time of year for water, cool temps, early darkness, not many musquitos, starry nights with some bubbly is what makes my day! We get in there and say “who has it better than this?”…and THAT’s just funny! Happy Sunday allya all! 🙂

Preppy Pick Sock Yarn - Reds and Grey

Preppy Pick Sock Yarn - Reds and Grey

And another hit at that purple:

Funky Punk Wine - BFL

Funky Punk Wine - BFL

I hope to do this in a series.  So look for Funky Punk red, blue, lilac and maybe green..(someone throw me a shade please?)..I think I’m over the yellow..but we’ll see! (might have to redo September Sunset and add some soft yellows..hmmmm) yeah? (note to self – and greens)

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