In a purple haze…

Posted on: 09/19/2009

I took some pics of the colorway I have been working with lately.  They are all listed in my shop (almost) but I thought they looked pretty awesome all together.

BFL Funky Punk

BFL Funky Punk


Mixing the color up

Mixing the color up

I love this purple and I think I will have to make more! Stay tuned! 🙂 Ny.

update: the purple handspun in the basket went into the weft in the Purple Jazz rocks! 🙂

2 Responses to "In a purple haze…"

AWWWW…Thank you so much Cait! I do love these purples too! I just wish the camera would show you what I see! One reference I can think of …it’s the colors behind Jay Leno…when they have the camera square on him…(of course last night they changed the colors to match his tie..which were more red orange….but when they do the purple pink? It’s these colors! and I’m so excited cuz I finally nailed the purple today…knowing exactly how much you need? takes some practice! Yeah..I look FORWARD to seeing your dye photos! My dye photos? ha…To that, I ask you..If I published all my dye photo’s here, who would buy my book? (that I might put together when I’m 60?) I’ve put a LOT of time into my techniques (which I haven’t read about anywhere on the internet or books I’ve purchased)…so… for now they will have to remain my trade secrets..BUT I am so flattered! Thank you for letting me know you would be interested!!! I think you just earned yourself a free signed copy when I do publish How’s that? You rock! AND I promise to buy your weaving book too! 🙂 Rockin on with purples…. Ny.

Cait, I’m so glad I humor you!!!! And if I do ever publish my “how to’s”…your gonna laugh, laugh laugh! Cuz it’s too simple easy! ..You will..I promise you! My “spinning secret” will have you on the floor..and I’m not kidding! I might not write a book..I haven’t decided. If I published ANY photos of me?..I would put the black rectangle on for sure! And that’s the way it is! I dye my bamboo and tencel with procion dyes and it is pretty fun (but I’m a pick about that soda I do it all in zippies!)…I need to buy more colors and have been putting it off, cuz I’m afraid I’ll go nutzo! But I will be looking for you book for sure! 🙂 Ny.

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