Dirty Trick Dreams!

Posted on: 08/17/2009

I had one of those nights the other night, when you lay down and fall asleep pretty quickly, but then dream for the next hour…you know? Have you ever done that?  And just strange dreams too.    I woke up after about an hour of that (feeling kinda put someone had done this TO me somehow, and it was a danged dirty trick!)  then wondered about what I ate for dinner and if it was long enough ago.

I first recall searching and searching and searching…looking for …can’t seem to find, but NEED to find my daughter.  Where was she?  I found myself in unknown surroundings, not caring too much about them, just knowing they might be vaguely familiar, maybe.  I seemed to be pretty focused on my search.   There were people here and there and I would stop and visit in a generally neighborly type fashion.   I didn’t know them, but I’m pretty good at making small talk, you know, is that YOUR dog? How cute! What a beautiful flower garden!…Blibbity blabbing as I went.  I guess it was like a military base.  I seemed to be both inside buildings and houses and walking outside, chatting with this one and that one and always looking for that kid! It wasn’t heart pounding searching, I don’t think she was in danger, but it seemed pretty important that I find her.  My daughter is 22 years old and very capable of caring for herself.  It seemed like maybe we’d stopped in this small community to see people or something, and she had gotten side tracked and we needed to be heading home, or something.  Well, a few times when I stopped to visit with folks, I would be blibbity blabbing away..and at some point about the 4th or 5th sentence, I would become aware that I didn’t have a shirt on.  In those nano seconds of awareness, my brain would quickly scan the reactions of the folks I was speaking with and wondered where was the visual clue that I missed from the shock of me not having a shirt on? Why weren’t these folks looking at me with stern concern for my mental capabilities (or at least belly wrenching laughter) and ask me where my clothes were? Somewhere in there..I decided that they didn’t react that way because it really wasn’t a big deal.  Kinda like I forgot my purse maybe.  Dang it!! Yeah, they hope I’d find it, but nice chatting and have a great day!

One time I became aware that I was completely naked.  Same reactions…no REAL problem, hope you find EVERYTHING  your looking for lady! Have a great day!

I finally found my daughter………she was fine..but…

she was 2 1/2.

Then I woke up.  What the heck? Bizzaro World!

pasta bread bowls and chocolate lava cake..omg. Ordering this will now be stretched out to 2 a year ordeal!  Doubt if I’ll have the calories burnt off from the first part of the year even!

🙂 Ny.

1 Response to "Dirty Trick Dreams!"

Ha really was a head scratcher! Someday..I might share my all time favorite of when I dreamt I was a satelite dish…now that’s some whacko stuff! lol (I will have to admit it was my only dream of being an inanimate object, and it might have had a little to do with the codeine pain killer the dentist gave me) But I will never forget it!

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