Happy 4th of July!

Posted on: 07/05/2009

Just stopping in for a quick post.  I’ve had a rough last couple of weeks, (been having cluster migrains and **BONUS** **BONUS** pneumonia) but I couldn’t put this off any longer!  No pics of my kids yet…But this is my Grand Dog!  As the kids are flitting around visiting friends, we’ve gotten to dog sit.  I’ve been a long time, on no more pets.  And since I’ve made my proclamation, God keeps putting these animals in my life that are unique and undenyably lovable! This guy could probably be a Dog Whisperer candidate, because of his fixation on retrieving balls.  He’s about a year old, and to him, there is nothing else worth doing.  Constant with his requests for you to throw the ball.  And if you don’t he doesn’t give up..he will put it right in your hand, or try and if you don’t hold it, he will put it right next to your hand, over and over and over.   He has been entertaining me since the first minute I met him with the constant balls.  He doesn’t want to “kill” them, or tear them up, just bring them back to you..all day long.  My son claims he loves to swim and herd cattle, which of course he has no opportunity to do here. I really wonder….



I hope everyone had plenty of hot dogs, watermelon and strawberry short cake!  I’ll just be over here…(hack cough, throwing the ball, thank God for chuck it!) Happy 4th! 🙂 Ny.

1 Response to "Happy 4th of July!"

Hi! Glad to see you back around! Yeah..I miss working daily! I don’t think it’s ever taken me so long to get over something like this…it is such a drag. Thanks for the good wishes…I tried yesterday and paid a high price, so have to back off a bit again I guess.

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