Kid humor

Posted on: 06/26/2009

Phunny stuff-
Maybe I should preface a little by saying that I am that person that loves Funniest Home Videos, even the re-runs. I LOVE the guy trying to get from the dock to the boat and loses it. Or the chunky lady getting bumped off the big old fat horse!  Mostly I suppose, cuz that was all ME too at some point, and thank God there wasn’t a camera around!   And I mean I REALLY laugh, as in gut roller! But only if it doesn’t look like there was any serious know…hip fractures are just not so phunny to me. Throwing yourself down a mountain on skis doing 300 miles an hour..and crashing into a boulder..not so phunny…unless..maybe he was carrying a beer and managed to save it, and had a 1/2 smile to go with it…qualifies! Just me.

Kid humor always slays me.  So  here’s my first phunny post.
My daughter was 3 when she came to me with a banana one day and said..”mom? would you get the bone off?”
I still laugh! And we make sure she will never forget it either…(she has always been good with the one liners!) And I never looked at bananas the same way again.

Another all time kid/food phunny, was when my son, was about 7.  I had made bean and ham bone soup, which was always referred to as ham and bean bone soup because that’s what he called it then.  Banana’s had why not beans? It had been simmered on the stove and built up everyone’s appetite.  Personally, it is not one of my fav’s so, I didn’t make it too often. So of course, they all LOVED it.  After eating, he became obsessed with the bone left in the pan on the stove.  Right at my elbow (kinda  unusual..he was one busy kid) “mom? what are you going to do with that?” “with what?” “the bone”.  Oh well, now my brain is on high alert because last week I had dug out of his room a nasty something or other that once lived outside, that once was living but had died..that he was “saving”.  It was innocent and I delicately had to remove it and explain why, while trying not to emotionally “scar” him. Now, what does he want with this bone? I said, “well, I’ll probably just be throwing it away now, but I’ll save the bean soup that’s that what you want? more bean soup tomorrow?” He thought a second and said “no, but why are you going to throw it away?” Now, I”m stumped.  I quickly come up with an explanation about the inadequate size of my tupperware, and that we were done with the bone now, it was ok to throw it away, the soup will be just as good tomorrow (in my fake enthused voice).   His little face showing me concern and confusion.  So I ask “why? what do you think i should do with the bone?” He expained, “I thought you were going to put it in the freezer!”. The kid only ever cared about popcicles and ice cream from the “freezer”..what was going on here? “The freezer? Oh, why would I put it in the freezer?” I cautiously asked.  “Because then the next time we wanted to have ham and bean bone soup, you could get it out, and use it again!”………OH I’m thinking I get it. Is that the sweetest concern you ever heard? Blew me over!   …I hid my giggle but smiled and explained, “Well, no. When we had ham I saved it for this soup, but now we had the soup so it’s ok to throw away the bone now”.  Well, he informed me that he thought it should always just go back in the freezer, then we could have it for ham and bean bone soup over and over and over, just putting it back in the freezer each time. He said, he thought that’s what I ALWAYS did.   And he was serious! And I became old mother hubbard right there and then. HILLARIOUS!…we won’t let him forget that ever either.  And all kinds of food in my house started having bones…tater tots, pickles, apples…and we’re still laughing!
That’s my phunny bone additions.  C’ know you have some too!

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