Buy 2, get 1 Free! ..and other Exciting Things!

Posted on: 06/22/2009

Greetings fellow fiber fondlers! I hope your Monday welcomed you warmly and without too many bumps! Speaking of bumps..I have some cooking right now look for new listings of Superwash Merino over the next few days.  I’ve been working like a mania..I mean manic, I mean  maniac! Bamboo noil by the bundle went up on Etsy this morning…

Hand Dyed Bamboo Noil

Hand Dyed Bamboo Noil

in five delicious colors! And Buy 2 get 1 FREE yarn bundles that includes some of my hand spun and some novelty yarns.  I tore my yarn cards apart and built pretty coordinating nests ! I have selected yarns that offer a variety in texture as well.   They are a total of at least 30 yards each and they have between 5 – 7 different yarns in each nest.  I hope everyone wants some!

While I had my pro mix dyes out I threw in a little skein of bamboo I had stashed and it came out a beauuuuuuuuutiful liquid plum color!  It is awesome, I hope it doesn’t sell, kinda. The yarn I test drove the bamboo noil in, is the same liquid plum color, is also listed, separately, but would love to find a home together! If your interested in me up for a discount! I dare ya!

Bamboo Top - Plum Puddin

Plum Pudding Bamboo Top and Merino Bamboo Noil mix Hand Spun

This is the lovely, luscious, liquid color!

This is the lovely, luscious, liquid color!

Bamboo Noil, Merino, Silk

Bamboo Noil, Merino, Silk

I’ve been crazy busy and I hope to continue to be busy with less crazy.  Life happens in between all else and that’s challenging..we did a 7 hour trip up at the emergency room one day last week.  All’s fine, but man what a drainer! Then I opened my box this morning to find my Father’s Day card returned stamped: YOUR AN IDIOT AND YOU FORGOT THE STAMP.

Yeah..I don’t do much mailing I guess I need more practice.  I’ve gotten every one of my orders correct since I opened my shop! (wipes forhead while other hand is patting the back)   Except for a few times I paid for more shipping than I should..greenhorn type moments…everyone has gotten thier packages AND in a timely manner and I’m giving myself points on the mailing thing… but opps sorry Dad!

Thank you all for reading along here, and shopping at my store and leaving me feedbacks and I just want to say I love hearing from every one of you! I love the pics and all your updates! I’ve met some WONDERFUL people from my internet business and am very grateful for all of you!

It’s been a green day continues to be a big challenge for me, I fear it will for a long long long time.  It’s a hard color to nail down, as the dye in the water looks nothing like what it does on dried wool! I keep finding LIME tho…lime, lime lime… to find something “green” for dinner!

🙂 Ny.


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