Fiberlicious Fun! – Part 1

Posted on: 06/19/2009

Did I mention how much fun I am having doing this dying thing? I guess I am very easily entertained! Even though I’ve probably dyed the same fiber, with the same dye, I get this thrill when it’s’s just too much fun! It’s the whole Easter egg thing for me over and over, but with a little longer shelf life, oh and the  endless application?  rocks my world as well!  AWESOME!

Here’s something new for me, that I discovered  at my local  shop awhile ago and tucked it away for my dyeing days..and well here it is! I haven’t spent a lot of time researching the market but, I haven’t come across it yet in my little fiber corner of the world.  Which doesn’t mean too much being the newbie that I still am.  ANYWAYS..I’m calling it bamboo noil.  It looks like silk noil, and has very similar texture, and I found out this dyes like silk noil too!  Mind if I just say again…AWESOME!



Bamboo Fiber

Bamboo Fiber

Dyed Bamboo Fiber

Dyed Bamboo Fiber

The last pic is of it drying now..and I can’t wait to try it out in some batts! Should make some terrific textures! Look for this in some batts over the next few days!

I was also thinking this morning that I have a little fiber enthusiast survivor kit that I feel compelled to share with the world…?  These are tools I use almost every day and if I lost one of them, my little fiber world would stop, while I ran to the store to replace.  They are nothing too novel, but highly valuable!  (I’m wondering if I put one of these survivor kits together as a  Fiberlicous Give Away prize if it would be enticing enough for get folks to sign up????????) Any input is appreciated please on that note.  I would also love to hear what is in  your survivor kit?

First up is my SOS..this is perfect..because no one wants it, it’s too little for them to want to mess with, or they have to rip it off my neck..and well..good luck with that!  I had 6 pair of scissors about 4 months ago…currently I have this treasured pair and, of course, the worst pair of the other 5…..sound familiar?


Next baby whisk..for stirring dyes, it’s perfect!


Next up my dye measuring spoon…DSC05982

Hence all the OOAK .. (I know…isn’t it just so lazy? ..I gave up trying to figure out dyes by too much measure, but need to work on it I know…my dye notes are a nightmare!) I think I read somewhere this is called free hand dyeing? yeah that’s what I do!

Next up is the fabric roller..bought by the bulk package..EVERYONE’S best friend


And last, but not least…my friends!


People who live here know..I can get kinda “testy” if they eat too many of my donettes! Well, it’s survival after all!

Alright I’m going to work..Have a great day! 🙂 Ny.


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