Fiberlicious Give Away … WE HAVE A WINNER!

Posted on: 06/13/2009

Update August 1, 2009

We have a winner folks!

This month there were 17 entrants. Woo Hoo!

The pool of entrants are customers who so nicely purchased my items from my Etsy  shop this month, and romyandclare for entering me in their treasury, and folks that submitted a photo for me to use here and on Etsy! Woo Hoo all you people rock! And I love doing these give aways!

AND THE WINNER IS chosen by random number generator, which I do off site and got 7….drummmmm rolllllllllll pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..


KAIA2009!!!! Rock on WTG!!! I’m so glad you won! Thank you for being a  you (the great big winner!!) !  And I hope you enter next month too!

Kaia2009 won this hand made hand woven scarf..made my none other than……ilashdesigns! Enjoy your scarf!

Purple and White Woven Scarf

Stay tuned for the prize for August! Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂 Ny.


Update: July 1, 2009

The winner for the June Fiberlicous Give Away is :


Congratulations darlinchev! You were assigned a number between 1 – 21 – the number of people who purchased items from my Etsy shop in June, added to the number of folks signing up here on the blog, and the folks who added me to an Etsy treasury they created.  Your number was choosen by Random Number Generator, witnessed by my husband! (because wordpress doesn’t let you add this widget dang it).  Anyway enjoy the scarf!

You can enter my July Fiberlicious Give Away drawing by purchasing something from my Etsy shop, including me an Etsy Treasury you create or no purchase is necessary to win, but you need to drop me a Hi here on my blog to enter each and every month you would like to be included in a drawing.

Good luck!!!

I will post the info for the July Fiberlicous Give Away tomorrow (or asap), as I am currently down with a nasty summer cold virus, and all I can do is fight a fever and cough!…(darlinchev, pop this scarf in your freezer for a couple of days to kill all these germs! lol I would anyways!)

Press the comment button below and say Hi! That’s it! Your IN!

I had some moments of real frustration over on Blogger, because I couldn’t figure out how to make categories, and display categories, so tweeps could find the Fiberlicious Give Away post quickly. I really needed folks to be able to directly get right to the business of signing up for the give away,  instead of having to dig through past posts! That was just too confusing, and the worst for me! I go again.

Since I started my small internet business, I have learned the application of increasing one’s internet presence is essential. One website tip I read advised that as a promotional tool, give away programs are most effective on a blog or site that gets pretty regular traffic.  Well pltthththththt!  I am just starting out and have come to enjoy the heck out of popping someone an e-mail and calling them a winner!!!!! It’s too much fun!  And, maybe, just maybe it might bring some traffic to my blog? ya think? maybe..I’m in!

So, even if I don’t get many followers, as long as I am running my business…then the boss gets what she wants..and today, it is to have a Monthly FIBERLCIOUS Give Away!  (as long as I can make it easy for you to find!)

The photos below are the prizes to be given away in my JUNE FIBERLICIOUS GIVEAWAY!
Prize for June is:

Hand Woven Scarf
Hand Woven Scarf – 58″x5″ not including various lengths of fringe
Colors: Wine, rose, blue, tan, brown, purple, ecru
Colors: Wine, rose, blue, tan, brown, purple, ecru – acrylic  yarns

I changed the prize for June.  I hope this will motivate folks to want to leave a comment.  C’mon! You know you would look great in this!

This promotional offering will run from 6/1/09 – 6/30/09. I hope to be able to offer my Monthly Fiberlicious Giveaway each month through 2009. The chosen winner, selected by random number generator, will be announced here and in my shop on Etsy on July 1st, 2009. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO WIN! Prize participation is limited to folks from the U.S. and Canada only.  Thank you!

To enter the June Fiberlicious Giveaway post a comment to my blog from the e-mail address you wish to be contacted for address confirmation for your free gift! There will be one winner for each month. Anyone including an item from my Etsy shop into their Etsy treasury (please inform me), and anyone that makes a purchase from my shop in June is automatically entered in the Fiberlicous Give Away.

Feel free to ask me any questions regarding my June Fiberlicious Giveaway. I do not collect e-mail addresses for any other purpose besides my give away.  I don’t sell them to anyone, and I don’t use them to solicit future sales.  Someday I may have a newsletter, but that sign up with be exclusive to the newsletter as well.  It truly is a “clean” deal”! I take pride in my word and you can trust me to keep it! I hope you win!!! Good Luck!!!! Thanks for following and  happy crafting!!!!!!

4 Responses to "Fiberlicious Give Away … WE HAVE A WINNER!"

Hi Ny-I’m in:):) again. can we enter more than once.

Yay ! Your in for sure! 🙂 Thanks hon! 🙂 Ny.

Hi Ny, This sounds like fun! I’m in too 🙂

Thanks for stopping in Homespun! Your in and good luck! 🙂 Ny.

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